I know this question has been asked a bajillion times, but what is the status of the NYA app for Android?
Ron from Idaho

We are shooting for just weeks now, doing beta testing. Watch for the announcement coming soon to the Times Contrarian.



Hello Neil and Archive team,
I have a question about when you were recording 'Cortez the Killer' with the horse. I read where during the song instrumental there was a problem with the recording console and part of the jam and another, "lost' verse, was not recorded, before the problem was repaired...I always wondered about this and as far as i know, you never sang this verse live, would you be able to share it here on the Archives? Would love to read the lyrics. thank you!

There was a power outage during the time we played Cortez. The missing verse was about crashing on the rocks. We just made an edit and pulled up the lost section. I decided it didn’t need the verse anyway. I am not sure I remember it now. I think there was only one take. we can look back and find the verse if I played it again. With the Horse, you generally get one shot and the Horse moves on. We’ll look and I’ll write something in the Times-Contrarian if we find it.



Dear Neil and Archives Team,
Thank you for your amazing work on this site. It is incredible. I enjoy visiting NYA every day and appreciate all of the content. I really like the new addition of the curated playlist, with the first one being from Kurt Vile. Sweet list, Kurt! I’ll be at Kurt’s show tomorrow night here in Toronto and can’t wait. Quick question for the archives team, will some of those shows that were live streamed on NYA and recorded be available for purchase? I was fortunate enough to be at the last NYCH show in Winnipeg and would really like to see the recording. What a show! Final question. Neil, just wondering if you have any plans on doing a historic theatre tour of Canada?
Mike Farrell

Hi Mike
I would really love to do that tour. What a great thing to travel across the country plying in the grand old theaters. I’ll mention that to Elliot.



The Kurt Vile playlist was genius, love the concept and the execution. Thank you and your team for NYA, which is so on point.
I was just listening to “Powderfinger” (again) and the poignancy of the lyrics, the symbolism, and the message struck me (again) and got me to thinking about all I have learned from you since I started in on this musical journey some 30 years ago. The story of the dude who fades away so young with so much to live for, that's a tragic tale.
Whenever I'm up early and getting after it -- usually surf-related -- inevitably "trying to catch an hour on the sun" floats through my thoughts and I think about persistence, desire, fortitude, (the fucking thrasher!), man, life. You're an inspiration, you've done it your way (your life's an open book, dude, you heard it on the radio - ha!). "Did what I did, said what I had to say, and I'd do it all again if I had to today." It's all one song and the answers are all there for us if we pay attention; that said, is there one lyric or one song where you hear it or play it and just say every time 'yeah, that's me, that's who I am and that's where I'm at?'
Peace and love,
DJ in Leucadia, CA

Hey DJ,
Not one song. . . . It changes all the time.



Dear Neil,
the Archives only holds your own official releases, but you have played an important role on many other artist recordings as well. One of them is Prairie Town by Randy Bachman, where you sing second voice (plus D45) and Margo Timmins third voice.
The video clip of Prairie Town on Youtube really touches me (for many years already) and I wonder what the story is behind this song.
Greetings from Germany - Jan

Thanks, Randy came out to the ranch and I played it live with him and the band as I remember. It wasn’t an overdub thing. I know we had a great day. Same studio as ‘Ragged Glory’. Gone but not forgotten.



Hey Neil -
I love the articles that Tom DeVesto writes for the Archive.
I have one of his ComoAudio units and really enjoy it.
Do you think there’d be a chance for a NYA direct component in a ComoAudio software update, Ala ComoAudio’s Spotify connect? The sound quality is much better than Bluetooth-ing into the speaker like we do now.
I’m sure lots of archives members have Tom’s systems.

We love Tom’s players, and NYA is going to be available sounding just like Xstream does. We’re almost there!
thanks NY



Can any updates be provided in regards to unreleased albums? Love the entire body of work, thank you for everything.

Tuscaloosa is next. Live Stray gators and a great night. Then comes Homegrown. That’s what we are thinking. We’d like to put one out every 3-4 months.



Hi Neil and NYA team, first of all big thanks for your great work on your Archives and this website. It's everything a fan could wish for.
For me "Weld" is one of the best live documents ever put on album or video. I wonder if there are any plans for rereleasing "Weld" on blu-ray or is there going to be a whole "Weld" chapter in the coming Archives releases? See you on the road and all the best to you and your NYA team! Keep it up! Greetings from Berlin, Germany. Micha

Weld is coming. It will be a while though not too long. The film of Weld is interesting too . It is all about the audience and how they sing and listen.



Hello, my eight-year-old is doing a school project on Neil Young. It is a heritage project about Great Canadian Musicians. When we looked into some of his songs, he absolutely loved the music and listened to him all evening. I was wondering if there is anything about him that we might not find online, that would be cool to put in his project? Maybe something he thinks is important about him? Thank you so much,
Best Regards,
Natalie Spence

That’s a tough one. The music is hard to chase and catch. He spends a lot of time doing that.



So maybe I'm just clueless, but I never knew where the name Storytone came from when that album came out (fantastic album by the way), and now I see that the letters to the Archivist have been renamed as Movietones on the Contrarian. Any insight to help me get some inside dope?

I played a storytone piano on that album. It’s an old kind of acoustic electric instrument. . . . looks like a small piano, all wood and ivory. That’s where I got the name. You can hear it on some of the solo tracks.



Good evening all,
Sat musing on the spring and wonderin' on what the chances of...
Give Me Strength in Portland or Spokane (my favourite acoustic Neil song, bar none; heartbreaking and exquisite in equal measure and unheard live for over 20 years) and...
Interstate in Seattle or Eugene (still not on the timeline, is it being held for Ragged Glory II? This is a song made-to-measure for NYPOTR)
Either would be make my trip to the Pacific NW. Both would be out of this world...
Cley next the sea, Norfolk, England.

I will try to remember that but no guarantees. Good ideas though Mark. . . . Good ideas.



Hey There Archivist,
Here's a question:
I just listened to Captain Kennedy, the Song-O-Day, today. I believe I am hearing banjo residing in the mix. Is this so? The credits list Big Kahuna, Neil, on guitar and vocals only, with no other folks partaking.
Most perplexing.
Peace and Love,
-Mudflow Mike

No banjo on that tune Mike. Just sounds like one. its a gibson J45 I think.



Hello Archives Team,
I'd promised to lower the amount of questions, but I ran into something very special on FB. Someone posted a picture of a 4CH reel to reel tapedeck, with a reel box of Harvest!! It appeared to be an original Reprise release on tape and I have never seen anything like that before. That same person also shared a picture of the Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere reel box.
Are you aware of the existence of this format? It would be nice to have all the different formats (including LaserDisc, 8Track, MiniDisc, etc) available and listed somewhere on NYA.
Note: It was Wayne Kettlety who posted on the Rust Facebook page, you can find pictures there very easy.
Greetings from Germany, Jan
Thanks jan

*Back in those times tapes were made available to consumers.



Any hopes to include an unreleased song called either "Johnny," "Color by Numbers" or "Ride On?"
I think it was used to play on the PA as fans left shows in 1983 or so.

‘Johnny’ is a good one. We will be doing something with it soon I hope. There sure are a lot of songs. The team is working hard on getting them all to you just the way they should be heard. I really like ‘Johnny’. Good suggestion.



When you were up here in the great white north, how did you care for your guitars? Did you used any humidifiers in your guitar cases while on this northern tour? In Winnipeg the winter can very very harsh on our instruments.
I have a Martin D35 and use an Oasis humidifier all winter. If not being played, she stays in the case. Curious if you or your guitar tech have any advice?
Thanks so much!

Kurt, my guitar tech, took great care of them. We were not in the Polar Vortex for too long. Everything was fine.



Question for Shakey
Can you please share the first time you heard the Beatles Sergeant Peppers album? Where were you—Topanga? What did you feel? How did it change you moving forward with your musical compositions or feeling overall? It was an important time and I know it influenced you.

David Crosby had an advance copy of “A Day in the Life”. That was a great day of listening. The Beatles were really ahead of their time. Amazing band! had a huge impact on me!



Dear Neil,
Thank you for sharing your archives with us. I am really enjoying the opportunity to explore aspects of your career I wasn't that familiar with.
Your Greendale videos have been terrific and I have been looking forward to each one which brings me to my question. I noticed you have not put up the amazing Live at Vicar Street performance. My old DVD doesn't work too well anymore and I am too technologically challenged to figure out how to burn it for the music so I was hoping someday for either the video and/or music alone to makes its way onto the archives website. Any chance of that happening?
I am sorry about everything you went through the past year. My thoughts have been with you, Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Hey Pete,
Thanks! Vicar street is coming to the Hearse Theater. Greendale acoustic stories. They filmed it with 4 cameras without me knowing, so I was pretty relaxed. I think its a good Greendale view. Eire Rocks!



This year "Everybody knows this is nowhere" will be 50 years old. I was wondering if is there any plan to reissue a special edition of this fantastic LP and if we will ever get a complete version of it live with Crazy Horse ...
Running Dry solo version was thrilling, I really loved it! I was looking at the streaming in the middle of the night here in Old Europe and I almost fall from the chair!
See you in Europe (maybe Italy as well) this summer!
Giovanni - Dangerbird 64

We will see you there! Maybe everybody knows will have some sort of celebration. 50 years man!



When will we have the video of the concert in Switzerland with Like a Hurricane in the NYA?
See you soon
Jose of Paris

Yes! We have it and have already shown it. Soon it will be available on the Hearse theater, which will open up really big soon, with lots of feature presentations, including that 33 minute Hurricane, played live in a massive storm!



Dear Neil and Archives team,
I’m a young (old soul) fan and am loving the app!
Everything about it is absolutely fantastic. My question is geared towards Apple TV, do you guys plan on making the app work on apple TV? Apple TV has the app store on it but only apps that work with the device. It would be great to have it added to play the music through the surround sound and even to be able to watch the streams and videos on the actual tv and not on a desktop/laptop or phone.
Thanks guys and keep on rocking in the free world!

It would be great. We are looking into it. We have to be sure the sound quality is as good as Xstream by NYA or nope.



Dear Neil,
Much love and appreciation for the trucks of happy memories you've given us until today ... with the recent shift in Crazy Horse personnel, and we love every version, can we expect more Crazy Horse shows going forward? Would love to know how you decide whether shows will be solo, NYCH, or w/ POTR, and why has NYCH been sparse the past few years? I was fortunate to be in Bakersfield and Winnipeg and it was otherworldly!! Last question - with the upcoming Pacific Northwest shows and particularly in Seattle any chance we might see you bust out some Sleeps w/ Angles material? We all love it so much and its been dormant almost since it was written.
Much love,
Dan Sobol

I love the Horse. I love the Real. We will be back. Time.
love NY



Hi There,
I was browsing the songs cards for 1987/88 today & have a few questions about the musicians of a couple fo songs:

  1. Sunny Inside (This Note's For You version): listed as recorded at the Omni, Oakland on 10 Nov 87. Presumably this is a live recording as the Bluenotes played the same venue on that day. However the rhythm section is listed as Chad Cromwell & Rick Rosas, whereas the Bluenotes had Ralph & Billy in Nov 87. Did Chad & Rick overdub a live recording? If so should there be a 2nd recording date & studio?
  2. Twilight & One Thing (TNFY versions): Both listed as recorded at SIR Hollywood on 5 Dec 87. Twilight is listed as Chad & Rick on drums & bass whereas One Thing has Ralph & George Whitsell. Is it correct that both rhythm sections were in the same studio on the same day or did Chad & Rick overdub an older recording?

Just wondering...
Kind Regards,

Mark, Thanks!
Sunny Inside should be Ralph and Billy.
Twilight should be Chad Cromwell and Rick ‘the bass player’ Rosas.
One thing is Ralph and George Whitsell.
I’m checking them now. if they are wrong they will be fixed soon.



Any reason some if the place holders in the timeline are different color browns?
Timeline example:
Crazy Horse Garage vs Live Freedom
Just curious...
Was hoping that maybe that the color gave some indication as to what stage the release was in.




Archives Guys and Neil,
So today I dusted off a show I have not listened to in years and was completely knocked on my ass.
NYCH at the Catalyst
This show Rocks!
Please consider it for a performance series official release.
A couple of other shows that deserve an official release: March-April 1996
NYCH-Old Princeton Landing shows
NY+Booker T and the MG’s
Rock am Ring
Keep Rockin!!!

Thanks for the ideas. We have all of those.



Hi NY & team, LOVE the site, LOVE the music.
I know you've got a lot of unreleased album projects lined up, which all sound fantastic, but how will the Archives site work for songs or performances that don't really have a home?
Say, for instance, you (rightfully) decide that the Farm Aid '94 performance of 'Down By The River' needs a wider audience - are you going to put the single performance up? What about alternate takes of songs we love (Jimmy McDonough's book mentioned a Crazy Horse version of 'Ride My Llama' that we need to hear)?
Is everything unreleased and new going to be packaged up with similar songs in album releases, or can we expect single songs or performances to see the light of day by themselves?
Keep up what you're doing, it's a marvel.

Single songs will start to show up very soon. We have a lot to do. We have been focusing on albums- Amazing Freedom, Homegrown, Tuscaloosa. They are all on the way and are different from one another. It’s fun to find them and present them. especially the ones that are unheard.



Good Morning all at NYA!
Will Harvest Moon be re-mastered?
I like starting my day with the Song-O-Day selection here at NYA. I always like hearing Dreaming Man, and it sounds pretty good even in full 16/44.1, but today I was longing to hear Nicolette come up in the mix a bit.
It's better to dream in 192/24, isn't it?
Peace and Love,
-Mudflow Mike

Yes it is Mudflow!



I wanted to tell you how Neil’s love of audio quality has shaped my life, and how I’ve done my part to keep the vision of uncompromising audio quality alive.

I began listening to Neil in 1979, and saw my first Grateful Dead concert shortly afterwards. I was amazed at the quality of their live sound. I was raised by a single mother in central Pennsylvania, and had little idea of how I could ever play a role in the audio industry.

In 1983, a year out of high school, I bought a VW Bus with a blown engine for $240 and a friend and I rebuilt the engine. We drove to California the next summer. I arrived with $200 and a dream of going to the UC system and working in audio. I got a job washing dishes in Big Sur. Before the winter rains arrived, I’d moved out of the VW Bus and into a room, and began junior college the next year, as a resident. After three semesters, I applied to the UC system and was accepted at UCLA and Berkeley.

After finishing at Berkeley, I put my passion for graphics and video to work in industry, where I’ve worked for the past thirty years. Over ten years ago, I got a job at a company which invented many of the key technologies used in HDMI, which is the digital audio/video standard used to connect devices to televisions. My job was to manage HDMI semiconductor chips which were used in television sets.

About four years ago, my job grew to the point where I was working on the future standards for HDMI ... and I immediately tacked audio. I invented and patented a system for lip sync between a TV and an audio amplifier. Then, I worked on a way to ensure that extremely high quality audio would always be available in consumer electronics devices.

The problem is that the only way to get more than CD quality uncompressed digital audio, you have to use HDMI ... there is no other consumer technology which is used to deliver high performance audio ... and what I had in mind was 8-channel, uncompressed 24-bit audio at 192 kHz. Neil Young-inspired quality, “whether you want it or not.”

To get this kind of quality, you need to plug a Blu-Ray player into an amplifier and plug the amplifier into the TV. But if you got a better TV, then you’d need to buy a whole new amp! And that, my friend, is bogus. So I proposed a way to send this audio backwards over the HDMI cable, with this full quality. This meant the TV could be upgraded without impacting the amplifier, and the whole setup would be easier to use.

Working with Hollywood studios and many other major consumer electronics and audio technology companies, we developed the full technical specification, and it was officially incorporated into the HDMI standard in November, 2017. It’s called HDMI eARC, and it is being added to TVs and audio amplifiers by many major vendors.

And now you know the story: This four year labor of audio love all began in 1979, when a teenager fell in love with the sound of Live Rust. Thanks, Neil.

yer welcome! WOW!



Xstream by NYA music sounds better everywhere on any device!

Especially Android cell phones that play full high resolution. They are sounding awesome now! We have heard them!
Android is in testing and will come very soon!

Here’s why. Xstream rocks!

Music on ‘Xstream by NYA’ sounds better right away because Xstream by NYA is able to play a full high res file anywhere! All the other services are limited to MP3, CD or a compressed file.

Imagine this:

  • Spotify is limited to 320 kbps or a lower tier of quality. That’s two levels of quality to choose from with Spotify.
  • Xstream by NYA has 15,000 levels of quality and continuously seeks the highest quality bandwidth allowed at your location, including extremely low bandwidth to super high bandwidth and every step in between. It’s seamless.
  • Because Xstream by NYA has no bandwidth limitations, it easily plays music over 6,000 kbps, more than enough for High Resolution playback.
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Just try this:

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  • Xstream by NYA is better sounding because we are able to play a file with all the quality (air, depth, dynamics, smoothness) of the original. Spotify is not capable of that.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are using Bluetooth speakers or whatever, Xstream by NYA sounds best.
  • Your only limitation is the playback device you have chosen to use, yet even on low quality playback devices the difference is obvious.

Hearing is Believing.
Xstream by NYA.

NYA SUBSCRIPTION FROM IPHONE? : simple instructions to subscribe

simple instructions to subscribe

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It's that easy!

Enjoy NYA and all NY music on your APP!




A dream is finally coming true!

You know, I’ve worked on this for years. I’ve always heard it. I’ve tried to explain it. I failed to get across to people what this is. . . . . but now that’s over. . . . .


The NYA APP speaks for itself. Everyone hears it. It doesn’t matter how bad your system is. Just plug your phone into it. NYA music sounds more alive through it. You can hear and feel the difference. You can experience the music in a new deeper way for yourself through any playback device.

I feel great. Reading people’s reactions to this APP is wonderful. Finally, it’s on a level playing field with everything else and can be truly compared.

It’s Music to my Ears!
Check out what these folks are saying:


4.6/5 rating at IOS app store.

Neil Does it again - Boundless50
Continuing his efforts to improve digital audio quality, Neil has hit a home run with a well-designed app that provides great sound (and flexibility when using a cellular connection) to enjoy even more his broad catalog of music. Now, if the technology could also be used with other artists’ music as well…


Great Sound Neil - JoeRay
***** (5-stars)
I just downloaded the Neil Young Archives app and the music sounds alive; right out of the studio…Thanks Neil for 24 bit sound…Merry Christmas to all…

24 bit steaming. Perfection! Love m… - WK-Y
24 bit streaming from the iPhone, so simple! Perfect sound with no breaking up like the lower bit files. No more ssss. Even the 16 bit files sound better than Streaming from Tidal.
Why can’t Apple Music do this?
This is music streaming of the future!

I have Apple Music and Tidal, this is the one app I use the most now. I wish all the music is on your website, Neil, and all remastered in 24 bit. Use this app. Music moves again. I’m dancing and singing with it.


Yeah - Kathy
It works. Sounds great. Yeah you need WiFi for high res, that ain’t Neil and company’s fault, maybe on 5G in a year or two. Been using this site all year and app does it justice.


Neil’s done it again- AWLionelGuy
The difference is in the sound! Awesome app with amazing features. NYC allows you to listen to his discography the way it should be heard. Some navigation features are less than perfect, but I can’t wait to see the app evolve.

Must have for Longtime Neil Fans - BertTR6
The Neil Young Archives is a treasure that music lovers around the world can enjoy with complete access to the life work of Neil Young. The sound quality at full resolution is unquestionably the best I’ve ever streamed on my mobile device. The fact that I can access all the gems, including the rare and obscure ones, and hear like I’m in the room with the music as it was meant to be…..

Better than expected - Hum1021


I’ve been using NYA for a long time I think it’s easier to navigate using the app than it is on the actual site Great job!
If you like Neil, pay for the subscription. ..It’s well worth it.

Greatest music all of all time - Deathcoach
Nothing less than the greatest music app of all time!

Brilliant - Captain Daver
Simply brilliant app !!

If you like Neil’s music, or maybe are looking for proof that music can come in hi-res through your phone, this is your place. I love the music (it’s what got me to pick up a guitar), so this works well for me.
A must for Neil Young fans - tag302

With subscription you get access to EVERYTHING related to Neil’s extensive musical output.

In addition to music, NYA provides a daily newspaper, Te NYA Times-Contrarian, delving into inside the music stories and news of the day reflections. But back to the sound of NYA. . . . . .

Folks, what’s really amazing here is that even though it sounds great everywhere, there is much more to this APP’s sound . . . . it is all there on your phone and you can unlock it and play it loud, all of it, the Startlingly Great Sound of High Res- through your home system.

Realizing the full potential of Xstream by NYA

Now that you’re able to stream high res music anywhere, we want to offer some suggestions on how to use your phone and computer to hear Neil’s NYA music at its best quality. While you’d think advanced tech devices like iPhone could handle whatever audio is thrown at them, unfortunately the hardware manufacturers, including Apple, have never prepared for quality audio streaming. So, even though it makes an iPhone sound better than any phone you have ever heard, you are still not hearing all of what is being streamed to your phone.

Now that High Res Xstream by NYA is here, iPhones are unfortunately unable play all of it. While you can play NYA files and they do sound better than anything else, to hear the full High-Res sound from your iPhone, you’ll need this

The solution

Add a simple external device, some less than the size of your thumb, called a DAC, that upgrades the phone’s lower quality internal DAC. Simply, insert the DAC between the data port of phone (or computer) and headphone, speakers or amplifier, and you’ll hear music at its very best audio quality. Below are some DACs that are well-rated and capable of playing full High Res. They’re available from your local dealers and from Amazon.

Remember, a DAC is not something you need to make ‘Xstream by NYA’ sound better than anything else through your phone; it already is doing that and you can hear it. An added DAC simply will allow you to unlock and hear all of the music, more has ever been heard from any Iphone.

NextDrive Spectra - $149
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Today, some cellphones, particularly LG’s top models, are able to play high res (192/24) right from the phone with no added DAC. That is the way cellphones should be in the 21st Century.





People are taking the piss out of you everyday. They butt into your life, take a cheap shot at you and then disappear. They leer at you from tall buildings and make you feel small. They make flippant comments from buses that imply you’re not sexy enough and that all the fun is happening somewhere else. They are on TV making your girlfriend feel inadequate. They have access to the most sophisticated technology the world has ever seen and they bully you with it. They are the Advertisers and they are laughing at you.

You, however, are forbidden to touch them. Trademarks, intellectual property rights and copyright law mean advertisers can say whatever they like whereever they like with total impunity.

Fuck that. Any advert in a public space that gives you no choice whether you see it or not is yours. It’s yours to take, re-arrange and re-use. You can do whatever you like with it. Asking for permission is like asking to keep a rock someone threw at your head.

You owe the companies nothing. Less than nothing, you especially don’t owe them any courtesy. They owe you. They have re-arranged the world to put themselves in front of you. They never asked for your permission, don’t even start asking for theirs.




both photos: dhlovelife

When you are looking at a bouquet, you can see how beautiful it is.


When you see a flower up close, the detail you missed in the bouquet is now front and center in your eyes.

The detail in the sacred geometry of the flower’s petal makes you feel good. Humans like to feel. Sound is the same. High resolution is the petal of the flower. Smell it.