Everything You Need To Know About NYA Presales! : How to get your tickets

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You guys have our heads spinning today with pre-sale questions and we are thrilled to have seen our subscriber numbers double since we announced these midwest shows and all before the app is released! (which between us is going to happen any day now…) so thanks for that.

Here are the straight facts about NYA presales.

  1. ONLY yearly subscribers get access to pre-sales. It says it right there while you are subscribing. Don’t worry if you missed it - reach out to customer support and we will help you out.
  2. The tickets page lives in the account panel. (global menu>account>tickets) But when there is a pre-sale going on you will ALWAYS find a stack of tickets on the front cabinet. Click on that and it will take you straight to the tickets page.
  3. Browse that page and when you find the show you want to buy tickets for click the “Get Code” button. Your code will magically be revealed. This code can only be used once. You can give it away if you like, but once it's used it’s toast.
  4. Click the “copy code” button to copy your code to your computer’s “clip board” then click “Buy Tickets.” This button will open the ticket vendors page in a new tab. Use the code you just copied on this page and you should be all set.

Always reach out to customer support if you have issues on the NYA end of things. If you have issues on the ticket vendor page, it’s going be quickest if you reach out to them directly.

If you can’t get a code on NYA - ask us. If your code doesn’t work on the vendor page - ask them.

We will redirect you if you reach out to us - but just trying to save you guy some time. In the frenzy for the best seats in the house minutes are hours.

This system was created to make sure that all of you get the best and easiest access to tickets. We think it’s great and we hope you do to.

Enjoy the show(s)!

-The Archives Team





NYA is happy to announce that the Hyde Park show will proceed without Barclays as a sponsor. We are overjoyed, so happy to be playing the show without the fossil fuel backer! NYA tickets to all tiers will be available today. NYA special tickets are available now on cabinet door.

THEATER TOUR CONTINUES! : Wednesday Dec 12 NYA Presale

Wednesday Dec 12 NYA Presale


FIVE NYA SOLO shows are coming to the midwest. Hope to see you there!

To Neil and Neil Young Archives subscribers:



by Elliot Roberts

To Neil and Neil Young Archives subscribers:

We take great pride in being the guardian of Neil’s music for over 50 years.

And equal pride in Neil Young Archives, something we believe is a very important work. To our subscribers, we made a promise that they would be the first ones advised of any shows and the first to be able to buy tickets.

To say we fell short of our obligations on the announcement and pre-sales for the Hyde Park show is an understatement and we disappointed a lot of people. We lost focus and the entire team at Lookout Management apologizes for promises not kept to our subscribers.

We have tried to rectify this as best we can by making sure that tickets are available for Neil Young Archives subscribers. I personally really must apologize for this lapse because working as the custodian of Neil Young Archives is very serious to me. Neil’s life’s work has been mine as well. We will make every effort to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Elliot Roberts

Thanks Elliot, We love you. The world’s greatest manager!



Dear Neil and Daryl:
I'd like to start this letter by saying how much I respect and admire you both. Professionally and in particular for the incredible activism and work you've both done for the environment and our planet. I only wish there were more like you. People who care and have used their positions to do good. It is sadly a rare thing and therefore very much appreciated by us all.

I'm writing to you as an anti fracking activist living in the UK but originally from Canada. For many years we've been fighting fracking from taking a hold in this country having seen the devastating effects it's had elsewhere on earth. We've managed to hold it off for years but sadly they've just started the first official frack in Lancashire and other wells are being drilled all over the country as I type. Time and time again local councils have said no but as in Lancashire our government have over ridden their decisions. At the moment they are trying to change planning regulations so local councils wouldn't have any say at all. They have also done many underhand things such as changing the definition of fracking so gas companies can say they aren't fracking when we all know they are. This is crunch time for us. We are fighting it on every level yet one thing we've lacked is a lot of support from high profile people. This is one of the reasons I'm compelled to write to you now.

Yesterday it was announced you, Neil, and Bob Dylan would be headlining the Barclaycard presents British Summer Time concert in Hyde Park next summer. We're delighted to have you play in this country. However Barclays bank are instrumental in funding fossil fuel extraction. Not only fracking in the UK but they're the only UK bank to fund tar sands pipelines in Canada too:
greenpeace article
greenpeace article
There is a divest from Barclays campaign in the UK:
the ecologist article

As avid campaigners against fracking and climate change I wanted to make sure you were aware of this link.

So here is my/our ask: I realize asking you to pull out of this gig isn't necessarily realistic (although it would be massive coup for us and great press coverage if you did and said why!) So I wondered if you would be able to use your leverage to draw attention to what else Barclays are funding. Whether it be through a meeting with Barclays or even covert (or not!) messages at the concert itself. I did work in the music industry for years and would happily speak to promoters about alternative gigs though I imagine your agent would have this covered.

I'd love to discuss this further with you and would help in any way possible to get the attention and coverage we so need.

Yours faithfully
Pippa Hockey
written on behalf of groups across the UK including:

Extinction Rebellion
Antifracking Nanas
Rising Up
Frack Free London
Frack Free East Yorkshire
Frack Free Yeovil
Frack Free Harrogate
Frack Free Isle of Wight
Keep Wiltshire Frack Free
West York Frack Free

Dear Pippa:
Thanks. We are working on a solution to the concert sponsorship. We too, feel that the situation on Earth requires a new, more aggressive approach. I cannot stand on a stage sponsored by uncaring and ignorant irresponsibility. We will soon know much new information on the HYDE PARK show and respond to it as we must.



Hi. Where is the link for pre sale tickets for the Neil and bob gig in the UK on 12th July?

And just to say the Archives is a work of art. The depth and quality of work on there is amazing. I only hope is that as much of the amazing LIVE footage from over the years and more home/studio Demo recordings make it on at some point.


By the time you read this there will be more news on Hyde Park. I hope it makes it clear. Read the Times - Contrarian for updates on this story. Thanks for subscribing.



Hey Neil
Have just seen that you are playing Hyde Park in London with Bob on July 12. Are you likely to sneak in a couple of solo gigs in the UK around that time as well? Be good to see you without getting rained on! Keep up the good work, regards from a new UK subscriber. Carl



Is there a link for presale tickets Neil Young Hyde Park London England July 2019? I am a subscriber to archives.

By the time you read this there will be more news on Hyde Park. I hope it makes it clear. Read the Times - Contrarian for updates on this story. Thanks for subscribing.



It’s brilliant news that the archives are now open - I subscribed this morning as soon as I could - I bought the annual plan so that I could get the 'best seats in the house' via the exclusive fan pre-sales scheme.

It seems a shame then that the pre-sale general admission tickets have been sold via the Barclaycard pre-sale website and now show as 'sold out' - maybe I should be corralled into springing for a £335 ticket instead? - on TOP of my annual NYA fee? That must be it.

New ways of working? Same old way of making people keen to see you pay through the nose. Shame - I thought this was gonna be innaresting...turns out it's the same old toss. 'Songs for Judy' better be sodding amazing to make me forgive this shitty stunt...

Next time 'round then...

Are you at least able to let your paid subscribers know about other shows in Europe that our paid "best seats in the house" access subscription will let us buy tickets to...? least you could do really...given that Hyde P is showing as SOLD OUT making a mockery of NYA.

I'll support the artist and buy a ticket but if its sold out i simply cant do it...and thats why i subscribed. I'm used to the wider world promising stuff and then doing the opposite...i did, however, expect better of Neil...i thought this was a new start...

Thanks in advance

You don’t know the half of it yet.
By the time you read this there will be more news on Hyde Park. I hope it makes it clear. Read the Times - Contrarian for updates on this story. Thanks for subscribing.



I see Neil is playing Hyde Park next summer with Bob Dylan. I will be out-priced, so have to miss my dream gig. However, what I am really interested to know is, why Neil would agree to play for Barclays bank? It goes against everything he always says. If you pass this on to Neil,,,, tell him This Notes For You.
None of my disappointment stops my craving for more music. :)

This is Neil. I passed it on to myself!!
By the time you read this there will be more news on Hyde Park and Barclays. I hope it makes it clear. Read the Times - Contrarian for updates on this story. Thanks for subscribing.



Hi All at NYA,
Is it true that in the Summer of 2019, Neil and The Promise of the Real will be headlining a concert with Bob Dylan on the bill in England? In the countryside in England?
Any word on advance tickets?

-Mudflow Mike
PS. like hearing Wordsworth and Coleridge recite poetry.

So it isn't fake news!
Hyde Park is Urban Countryside. Close enough. Like Coleridge and Wordsworth giving up their best in the Summertime in England.
A Promise of the Real.
-Mudflow Mike
PS Will pass the word on tickets.

By the time you read this there will be more news on Hyde Park. I hope it makes it clear. Read the Times - Contrarian for updates on this story. Thanks for subscribing.



When do the tickets for England next July go on sale?

By the time you read this there will be more news on Hyde Park. I hope it makes it clear. Read the Times - Contrarian for updates on this story. Thanks for subscribing.



We've just ordered our tickets for July 12, 2019, Neil and Dylan at Hyde Park. We are AWESOMELY excited to make the long haul from Cambodia to London for this, and especially so as it falls on our wedding anniversary. We got married in a scottish castle, Eilean Donan (I'm scottish, my wife is anglo-indian) back in 2003 and had sitar and tabla players, a female bagpiper and a rhythm and blues revue playing for our wedding, so to have you, Neil, and Dylan playing on our anniversary is pretty darn cool, haha!). Any ideas about what we can expect - a duet maybe? Who knows, whatever the hell happens it will be an amazing day anyway! Love from James and Anita and Otis in Phnom Penh. x

James and Anita,
I hope nothing goes wrong and you get to see the show. I want to play for the people. I don’t want to play on a Barclays Bank stage. I was not informed about the Oil financier Bank sponsoring the outdoor show at Hyde Park. Thought it was the city.
By the time you read this there will be more news on Hyde Park. I hope it makes it clear. Read the Times - Contrarian for updates on this story. Thanks for subscribing.



Hello Neil-
I'm thrilled to see that subscriptions are live and I'm happy to sign up for such amazing value. I'm also looking forward to going through Greendale over the next couple weeks via the Song of the Day.

I was wondering if Greendale, along with many other of your '90s and '00s albums, are slated for vinyl reissue. I've been trying to track down vinyl copies of all your albums, but I've found myself stuck when it comes to Greendale, Mirror Ball, Broken Arrow, and Le Noise. All seem to be available only in rare copies that cost $100 if not much more. I can't afford that really, but I especially hate to do it when I know that money isn't going to you and your collaborators. Counterfeit copies of these albums seem to be on the market, as well.

Anyway, looking forward to being a subscriber and using my pre-sale access for future shows! Thanks for all you do.

Thanks back to you! I just spoke to J. Hanlon. These are on our vinyl list.



Hi there my name is Violet Teegardin and I am college student in Nashville, Tennessee.

When Neil announced the NYA, I was ecstatic. I have read "Waging Heavy Peace" and I was left disappointed with the way my generation experiences music.

"Greendale" is one of my favorite albums, but I am stumped when it comes to finding the record on vinyl. The only available records are selling on eBay for $700!

As a teen who loves rock 'n' roll, is there any way to find the vinyl to experience the record in its' purest form or should I stick to streaming through NYA?
Peace and love!

Dear Violet: Greendale is one of the next batch of vinyl we are making. It should be out in the next 6-8 months, maybe sooner. Watch the Times Contrarian for announcements.



All set and subscribed!
Question: When presales are announced, will subscribers receive heads-up emails so we know when things are happening in real-time and can prepare to be available of local on-sale times?

Dear Lee: We talk about presale shows in the Times Contrarian, previewing them there. Very soon after that, we go live with the presales. We do that to keep people involved and have them learn other information at the same time. That said, there will be announcements upcoming, so keep in touch.


I'm having big fun with the updated NYA with playlists, new extras and many added videos. I came across the 1971 pre-Harvest Thunder Sound tape box earlier today. I sure would like to hear that some day.

But my real question is about Will To Love. The info card says it was recorded Dec 3, 1976. I aways thought it was recorded right after Neil returned from Europe in the early April of 1976 and before he returned to Miami a few days later to finish the Stills-Young record? Maybe that December date is when the overdubs where done at S.I.R. studio? That's one of Neil greatest songs and any clarification would be appreciated.

Thanks again,
now playing - Hey Babe

Hey Tom! You are right to ask! Good sleuthing! Those overdubs were done at Indigo Ranch though, not SIR. The date of the fireplace midnight recording would be an all nighter before traveling to Stills’ place in Miami to finish Long May You Run, or maybe do CSN vocals on some of the songs to see if we could have a CSNY album. Hazy. Checking data base next. Look at that card for Will to Love and see if we change anything. You woke something up. Good on ya!



Greetings Archivists,
This one is perhaps addressed to Bernard Shakey, as it involves editing of the recent Director's Cut of Human Highway.

When the film was re-released and then on home video, I took some time to catalog some of the differences between the new edit of the film and the 1990s VHS/LD release. I was also fortunate to have a barely watchable VHS copy of a largely different cut of unknown origin, which contained scenes not found in either of the two commercial video releases.

I just noticed the 3 clips posted under the Human Highway folder in the File Cabinet, and I liked the edited "Worried Man Blues", piecing the song together from scenes around the movie, and the inclusion of the "Goin' Back" scene as a music video format. I would love to see more of the outtakes and alternate scenes someday.

Finally, it was obviously the director's call, but I was a bit disappointed in the choice to use the 3 minute edit of "Hey Hey, My My" performed by DEVO with Neil. The 10 minute version used in the VHS/LD release is an HISTORIC PERFORMANCE in the history of rock and roll, especially PUNK. The World needs this full video in high definition!

Thank you, and I'm sure I'll write again.

That’s so great you like the long version that much! I always love the long versions. I’m sure the short version is in the Director’s Cut to keep it moving and tell the story but. . . . the archives could use the long version. I will ask the team to search it out in the VHS laser disc master. I love going back to the laser disc master!
thanks N



Dear Neil Young and Team,
I was at first very excited, that you opened up your music to the public. I had great respect for you by doing so. I am a big fan of your music and many projects that you stand up for. The other day, when I tried to listen to the music in the archive, I realized that it is no longer possible and I have to pay for everything. Now it looks to me that this is just like another corporate business strategy. It’s about money making and not the spirit of your music and your believes to make a change in this corporate world. I am very much disappointed by the direction you have taken.
Marek Bures
Freiburg, Germany

OMG! I am busted! You hit the nail on the head.
Maybe I should retire.



Hi it would be nice to know how many people subscribe to NYA now and how it’s growing.
thanks DD

We are waiting until the APP goes live with IOS and ANDROID. If we reveal numbers, it will be after the official launch. Right now, its not mobile yet. Mobile is about 95% of the market. IOS is in negotiations for release with Apple. ANDROID is still in development. The official launch will be with the IOS app.



Neil & the team,
What a treasure NYA is! Thank you. Loving all the Greendale content. Thanks to the way the Archives are set up, I noticed that "Be The Rain" was the last Greendale song recorded. Was it written last? Was the story conceptualized before BTR was written so that you knew it was going to end this way (or did it just happen to tie up perfectly)? As a concertgoer who was fortunate enough to catch 4 Greendale shows, there was nothing better than observing the skeptical crowd early try to figure out Greendale, watch as the momentum picked up through "Carmichael" and then turned the corner at "Bandit," and then to see the engine gather steam all the way through BTR, when the appreciative (and no longer skeptical) crowd stood and erupted at the triumph that is Greendale. (How rewarding was it for you when BTR brought down the house each night? Fuuuuuuuck man.)
Rock on.
DJ in Leucadia

Thanks for the enthusiasm DJ!
Greendale is one of my favorite projects ever. We are reviewing three videos of the entire live production. I recall several shows, especially the first in Florida and the one at Madison Square Gardens in NYC. Your description is right on the money.

The songs were written and recorded in order, one at a time, quite often on the way to the sessions. The movie was made after the record. There is a live acoustic performance with story telling.
Be the Rain,



Hi there
Loving the archives site so far. $20 for the year is a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned and is great value. It's fantastic how somebody of Neil's stature is engaging so well with his fans.

I realize that you must be currently deep into the period covered by the Archives Volume 2 at the moment but I was just wondering what the status is of the missing items from the Volume 1 period? I'm thinking specifically the 2 Mynah Birds songs, I Ain't Got The Blues, the Neil songs from the Buffalo Springfield boxset and the unreleased Crazy Horse Early Daze record.

Thanks in advance for any info.
Simon F (UK)

Working on getting the Motown ‘Mynah Birds’ tracks now.



Hi Neil and team
I was wondering if there is any footage of the 1976 Glasgow Apollo gig. I love the footage filmed by David Peat of Neil wandering round the streets of Glasgow and playing Old Laughing Lady outside Central station. I always think of it any time I walk past it. it would be great to see more here on the Archives.

The last time you played Glasgow I bumped into Elliot and Lukas taking in the sights in Buchanan street, round the corner from your old busking pitch. Hopefully you make your way back here in the summer, bring Bob. It would be great to see you both busking outside Central station!

Looking forward to exploring the vaults
Take care

We unfortunately have no footage of that gig. No fixed sched for summer.



how about a publicly populated timeline on the archive?

a place where fans can share their media from the ages, instead of just randomly uploaded stuff on YouTube.

it would give the users shared ownership in the archive, and serve as a compendium of user experiences. people could submit their own memories, recordings, ticket stubs, and films.

a form that requires date and location for their uploads would help you file them away.

maybe a widget could aggregate all the random pieces already on YouTube.

a simple release agreement, would allow shakey to make use of fan submissions in official releases.

I think people would feel great to be a part of the archive and the legacy. we are all so connected in our love.

thanks for your consideration, bestest,

Big idea. Lots of work to do this I think. Maybe over time we can do a separate timeline for music lovers personal memories, but i am not focused on that now.
thanks, N



Hi Neil,
Can I link your streaming site to my Sonos system? It would be groovy to stream your music to all of my speakers from my phone. See you further on up the road in Boston! Thanks for all of the memories...love seeing you back at the Music Hall.....Bring Lucas and the boys around!

Try it when the APP comes out. Use your phone. SONOS will not play back NYA’s high res. It tops out 25% of the way there. Better than a CD though. Sounds pretty good; just not all the sound. There is a big difference when you get it all. I wish you luck and hope you can get it all going. We will be showing folks how to get the best from their APP when it comes out. That delivers true high res to the digital port.
thanks, neil

Letters Philadelphia


Thanks for the music! i can't find the song “Philadelphia"; please think about adding it. Love and only love. Dror

Philadelphia has been a legal challenge so far. We have been working on it for months. Watch the Times Contrarian for news on that.



The amazing footage of CSNY at the Fillmore in "Journey Through The Past", Nash said that two nights were filmed including dressing room and many other locations in the build up to these legendary shows. What a concert movie that would make. Any chance of seeing more from these shows on NYA please.

I think it will be worth the wait. We are going to get to it. Transfers are in the works. That’s stage one.
thanks NY



Hello Neil;
Thanks for the opportunity to contact you. Thanks too for not only preserving the music over all the years, but for your painstaking care of so many of the artifacts from over the same time.. The cars, the stage props, the photos, videos, and on and on. You are an amazing Caretaker.

One of my favorite stage artifacts would be the platform heeled go-go boots. I know you could write a book or make a film, just about them..

Much love and Peace to you and yours; today and every day.
With Appreciation;

I hope the boots were not lost in the fire. I will be finding that out soon. Ask again in a couple of months.




DT does not have my permission to use the song ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ at his appearances. Legally, he has the right to, however it goes against my wishes.

I made this perfectly clear after he played it in a media moment to announce his candidacy. I asked him then, in a widely shared, public letter to cease and desist.

However, he chose not to listen to my request, just as he chooses not to listen to the many American voices who ask him to stop his constant lies, to stop his petty, nasty name calling and bullying, to stop pushing his dangerous, vilifying and hateful rhetoric.

This man does not represent the character of the people in the USA that I have come to know and love.

I’m Canadian so I can’t vote in the states, but if you can,
Take this great opportunity to make your voice heard,
and Vote!
Keep on Rocking in the Free World!
Neil Young

Oceanside Countryside : A breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh air

The hand written title seen above is found on the timeline in March 1977, where it soon will be replaced by original album art.

When I walked into Reprise in 1977 and played Oceanside-Countryside for the company, Mo Ostin and Lenny Woronker were the listeners. I trusted their musical tastes then and still do. They were a sounding board for me for many years.

Oceanside Countryside was a record I felt really good about. It was quite a personal record, mostly made up of acoustic songs which had no bass or drums. I made the lion’s share of it in Ft Lauderdale, just playing myself, singing the songs and overdubbing a few acoustic instruments. I was alone and went in to Triad recording studios there daily for a while, laying these new songs down. I got seven tracks there, including overdubs I added to Pocahontas, recorded previously at Indigo Ranch in Malibu. That version ended up on Rust Never Sleeps.

Following Triad, I went to Nashville and recorded at Crazy Mama’s. (JJ Cale’s studio) with Rufus Thibiodeaux- fiddle, Ben Keith-dobro, Karl Himmel-drums and Joe Osborne -bass.

Zeke, Rufus and I in Nashville 1977-ny

It was my first recording with Joe Osborne and he was great, laying it down. What a feel. He is legendary. I’m glad I got to feel that. The tracks were all done on one day, mixed and finished. Bobby Charles, writer of ‘See you Later Alligator’ and ‘Walkin to new Orleans’ to name a couple, was with us there too, cheering us on in the control room, laughing and joking, playing the part of the Wizard. We cut one of his incredible songs, “You’ll always live inside of me,” as well. I gave it to Bobby for his own record.

The resulting record was what I took to Warner Brothers in Burbank. Listening, they thought that the songs were good but they missed the drums and bass that I had not used on the seven acoustic tracks and were asking me if I thought I could do those songs with a rhythm section to make it sound more like a record and not a demo. I trusted them.

“OK. I can go to Nashville and do some more there. It would be fun,” I told them.

I did that; and also recorded a few more songs at Woodland Studio in Nashville. The result of that trip was the album, ‘Comes a Time’. It’s an album I know a lot of folks enjoyed. But….. it was not Oceanside Countryside.

Yesterday, listening to Oceanside Countryside in the car with John Hanlon, I drank a beer and smoked a little weed. I listened to it for the first time in forty years. That album was so free and open, unencumbered by the rhythm overdubs I had added to it in Nashville. The record was alive and breathing, with all the space in the world. The acoustic guitars I had layered on at Triad were all there, in my original mixes, just as i had originally envisioned them. Hearing them made me feel so good.

Unchanged and unheard for years since I first made it in Fort Lauderdale, the album was a breath of fresh air. It was a real album and it got to me. Listening to it gave me a an uplifted feeling, so heartfelt. I could see those Countryside faces in my mind; those great musicians. What an amazingly true sound and feeling it was!

I am happy that I will be sharing it with you soon. OCEANSIDE-COUNTRYSIDE.

VOTE For A Future : A Crash Course With History


painting by Igor Morski

Climate Change and its deniers are on a crash course with history.

By electing a leader in denial, who believes he is smarter than the world’s scientists, the USA has enabled an enemy of the people to impose his will on the life of Planet Earth.
VOTE for change.

VOTE for a future.

WHEELCHAIR TO WALKING : medical Marijuana treatment

medical marijuana treatment


Dr. Robert Elkins of Saint Augustine, FL has a cannabis certification clinic where he examines patients to determine whether they can be prescribed medical marijuana, in accordance with Florida State law.

He recently examined a fourteen-year-old girl with post encephalitis. She was confined to a wheelchair with tremors, and had problems with concentration, eye disturbances, and other symptoms. As a result, she qualified for a prescription.

She has now been on medical marijuana for about six weeks. She is walking for the first time in two years, is much happier, has hardly any tremors, but needs to be home schooled because the school will not let her take her marijuana on the school grounds.

Her mother was picking her up from school, driving her off the school grounds to give her the meds, and returning her to class, but it’s been tough on the family. She was recently on TV regarding the above problem.

This has been a real success story. A friend of Dr. Elkins has subsidized the cost at the dispensary, and Dr. Elkins is treating her for free. The parents are having trouble making ends meet; both parents work, but things seem to be looking up.

Dr. Elkins noted that she is the first child he has treated in his clinic, but says, “Cases like this make it all worthwhile.” Unfortunately, they have another child with ADD and some additional neurologic problems.


Trump Taking 3rd Big Step to Roll Back Fight Against Climate Change : VOTE



In a victory for energy companies, the administration plans to roll back rules covering methane leaks and the “flaring” or burning, of the potent greenhouse gas.

LOSING GROUND : Results - Why Voting is your responsibility this time


Why Voting is your responsiblity this time


Here is what a leading US senator said yesterday:

“Process and personality is what we are talking about — how they do things, how dysfunctional it is and how off the rails he can be,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, conceding that Mr. Trump was “a handful.” But, he said, “what I am talking about is results.”

Results are exactly what I am worried about as a citizen of Earth. Dismantled environmental protections are my biggest worry with the US government, among many others. As a Canadian, I am concerned that all the work we have done around the world to combat Climate Change and Corporate pollution practices is going by the wayside.

Instead, the big US money grab is proceeding with greedy teeth gnashing, destroying the environment, killing off species and accelerating the planet into a deeply uncertain future. All this for short term financial gain that is sure to cost future generations. All this from the former leader of the free world?

Around the Planet the dire predictions of scientists have proven to be very moderate compared to what is actually happening. Sea temperatures up to 10 degrees above normal, dying species, coral breakdown, rampant fires, floods and disruption of water supplies all point to a bleak picture for my children and theirs, if we get that far. This is really happening on your watch.

Meanwhile the US government forges forward on its greedy path towards what? Dominance of the World through the power of money? I don’t think so. The US is losing ground in the world, trying to make friends with the ugly-minded leader of an all white country, Russia. The real world is colorful.

As a Canadian, I can only ask my fellow citizens of Earth here in the United States of America to VOTE. Register now and vote your conscience. Change the course of America by first slowing it down in 2018 and then in 2020 taking control of the White House, bringing many colors under its roof. White Supremacy is not America. It is your current temporary president and Putin.

Stay together. Resist the temptation to turn on your Brother or Sister because they voted for this divisive president. Vote your conscience instead. Respect them for voting theirs even if you don’t agree. That is civilized, democratic. Don’t fall into this president’s well-set trap of division which pits us against one another with every news cycle. Just go forward and use your right to vote. If we do this, we will win. I am Canadian. I can’t vote-but you can. I urge you vote for young ideas, fresh faces, multi-colored agendas, and truth.

Respect your Brothers and Sisters.

Neil Young


Trump & Russian Mob : X-Spy reveals early history - Taj Mahal and the Russian Mob


Taj Mahal and the Russian Mob


Telluride Daily Planet Editor Justin Criado reports (edited by NYA)

Bob Baer, former undercover CIA operative and current CNN correspondent, says he knows some of President Donald Trump’s Soviet secrets. The former undercover CIA operative divulged what he’s learned about Trump’s long-running relationship with Russia — specifically the KGB.

The chumminess with Communists dates back to 1986, when Trump, then a real estate developer in New York City, attended a cocktail party that included KGB agents, unbeknownst to Trump. America’s future president unwittingly became an “agent of influence,” which Baer explained is a person who is “susceptible to KGB manipulation, but the word KGB never comes up.”

During that time, he added, a KGB “illegal” (the term for an undercover KGB agent) filled Trump’s head with anti-Ronald Reagan rhetoric and delusions of grandeur, including planting the possibility of a U.S. presidential run, during a 1991 visit to the former Soviet Union, which was close to collapse and “broke.”

“It was a piece of flattery,” Baer said. “The Russians started his political aspirations.”

The “criminalization” of the KGB, the Soviet Union’s formal intelligence agency, began during the collapse, Baer explained.

“What we have to look at it in this way, in 1991, the KGB didn’t give up, they simply retreated and regrouped,” he added.

Russian immigrants, including KGB illegals, began settling in Brighton Beach, New York, which is the start of the Russian mafia in America, Baer explained. The mob bosses worked out of Trump’s Taj Mahal Hotel & Casino. Trump, who needed money to finance his endeavors, started taking “Russian money,” according to Baer.

The scenario may sound like a “Godfather” spinoff, but Baer began digging after becoming privy to the Trump-Russia ties during the 2016 election cycle, when he received a tip from a current Democratic operative who asked him to reach out to an ex-KGB officer.

“I knew from the phone number from the FBI that it was a legit KGB guy,” he said.

He added that the man on the other end of line said, “We have a tape of Donald Trump.”

“What I didn’t know was how did the guy see the tape? Why should I believe him? Was this KGB disinformation?” said Baer, a current CNN intelligence and security analyst who lives in the Telluride Colorado area. “I worked with the KGB for years in the CIA. They’re very good at making stuff up. I knew that Russian President Vladimir Putin (a former KGB foreign intelligence officer) wants to disrupt our democracy at any cost, and, of course, he has. He’s done a great job of it.”

Baer said he “filed away” the information until the Steele dossier was released in January, which alleges misconduct and conspiracy between Trump and the Russian government during the 2016 election. He added that the music video for Russian pop-star’s Emin Agalarov “Got Me Good,” which came out in June, depicts an alleged incident with Trump and two women during the 2013 Miss Universe contest in Moscow, which he hosted with Emin’s father, Aras. Baer proclaimed the Agalarovs are KGB agents. It is unclear if the Trump video the Russians maintain to have is from the 2013 Miss Universe contest. Baer did explain that a popular tactic the KGB like to employ involves planting a camera in a hotel room air conditioning vent in order to capture less-than-flattering encounters, usually with a “lady of the night.”

He explained that he used the contacts he’s collected over the years to conduct his independent investigation.

“As a former CIA officer will do, I went back to my old KGB contacts,” Baer said of his recent research. “I said, ‘What happened? What’s the relationship between Donald Trump and the KGB.’ (His contacts) proceeded to lay it out.”

He explained that the U.S. intelligence agencies (i.e. FBI and CIA) quit monitoring Russian activity after the 1991 collapse, and didn’t resume monitoring until 2016.

“It’s been a black hole,” he said. “We’re not looking at it.”

“The curtain dropped down because we were patting ourselves on the back for winning the Cold War,” Baer said. (He added that he may turn what he’s discovered into a TV series; working title: “How the KGB won the Cold War.”)

The Hillary Clinton email debacle? It was the Russians.

“They hacked Hillary’s email and the Democratic National Convention’s simply to cause problems after she was elected president. That’s all they wanted,” he said. “They hated her for the Ukraine. They hated her for Russian elections. They said, ‘This is great. We’ll get in her email. She’s elected president and we’ll go after her. We’ll make her miserable and the Democratic Party for four years. Then, we’ll get back in and we’ll do it again.’ Disruption. That’s what Putin is after.”

When it became apparent that Trump may become the next President of the United States, the Russians worked to set up backchannels, according to Baer.

The July 16 Russia-United States summit in Helsinki, Finland, didn’t help matters either, Baer said.

“This servile kissing the ring of Putin really makes you wonder what’s going on,” he said. “We’re not going to know what went on in that meeting, because if there’s any tape of it, it’s Putin that has it. We simply don’t know.”

He added, “You have a President of the United States that’s clearly in political trouble for his connections with Russia.”

“The worst thing you can do when you look at this Russian thing is take sides,” he said.

NYA has omitted portions of the original article.

Buffalo Springfield Lives! : What's That Sound? - New box set is in stores now


New box set is in stores now


'What's that Sound?' has been released. It is the best Buffalo Springfield record ever made. Remastered from the original analog tapes, both mono and stereo, it is definitely superior to anything 'Buffalo Springfield' that I have heard, even the original records. If you want to hear our band, this is the best way to do it.

After the Mynah Birds on Motown, my first recording in the states was Buffalo Springfield on Atco. It was a great time for me, playing with Stephen Stills, Richie Furay, Bruce Palmer and Dewey Martin in the Springfield. Our band was an influencer, lighting the way for many bands who were more commercially successful. When we first appeared at the Whiskey in Hollywood, and walked Sunset Strip with the flower children, we had no plans past success in the sixties.

We were learning how to make records and play big shows. Stephen and I were in the studios all the time overdubbing and mixing, trying to make the records we heard in our heads and hearts. These were rich times for us all, working in studios alongside the DOORS and other groups of the time, sharing bills with THEM, (Van Morrison’s early band), The Byrds, (where we met David Crosby), The Seeds, Johnny Rivers, and even opening for the Rolling Stones at the Hollywood Bowl. These were big times for some green kids living the dream.

‘What’s That Sound’ is the greatest BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD COLLECTION ever. Remastered from the original analog tapes, it’s guaranteed to sound better than any earlier edition of this great and influential music. NYA was overseeing the remastering process. I have heard it and I think this is the best it can be! It sounds amazing! If you love BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD, this is the ultimate collection to have. Hear it at NYA. Enjoy it. Buy it if you can. NY

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Our spontaneous 'Theater Tour' continues to Santa Barbara on the 19th and 20th of June, where The Lobero, a beautiful little 600 seat theater awaits. We love these old theaters! Promise of the Real will be there and we want to see you there too.

We'll be playing some songs we have never done before and its going to be a blast for us to play them together! Micah, Lukas, Anthony, Corey, Tato and myself are looking forward to seeing you at the Lobero Theater.

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We hope you are there.


Sorry, Sold Out






And that’s why Neil Young Archives feels like a breakthrough. Here at last is an online presentation of an artist’s catalogue that presents the hits and the rarities, alongside all the relevant information about every track – the lineup, the location, the producer, where it was released, plus supporting documents, photos. It’s like one of the first wave of box sets expanded to its logical extreme, but still – despite its huge breadth – manageable in a way that the 18 CDs of Dylan’s The Cutting Edge just weren’t. You can concentrate on individual albums, or on periods of work; you can compare the solo work with the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young music from the same time. You can listen to study, or for pure pleasure.

Of course, Neil Young has certain key advantages over other artists that have enabled him to do this: a fascination with the possibilities of technology, a bloody-minded determination to do what he wants, and the clout to get it done. But flicking through Neil Young Archives, the possibilities for other artists beam out like headlamps. Here’s the future, albeit the future of the past.

NYA thanks The Guardian.



ny solo 970

Six shows- Four of my favorite cities.

Chicago- (2 shows) At the Chicago Auditorium Theater, the same theater where we played one of our first CSNY gigs, just before Woodstock; where I played Tonight’s the Night in 1973. I have played Chicago many times since then, had big times in so many halls and stadiums, and this one will be like coming home. I hope all the folks who want to hear me will be there. NYA makes it possible for you to get the first choice of tickets, right here and nowhere else, for a limited time. We do this in recognition of the love and support you have given through the years together.

Detroit- At the beautiful FOX Theater, lovingly restored by my friend, Dick Kughn and his friends who love Detroit so much. The Motor City, where i first recorded with the Mynah Birds on Motown in 1965, where I appeared in a Hootenanny at the Chessmate Club on Livernois and wrote songs in the White Castle across the street; where I played the Masonic Hall with CSNY’s first tour, and where I have so many great friends at Ford. I’m still trying to get High-Resolution music into cars! Imagine that.

St. Louis- Appearing at the incredible Fox Theater again! I can’t believe my luck, that I am going back into that dressing room with all the signatures on the walls and onto that beautiful stage with all the great folks from St. Louis in the audience. My old friend Joe, who drove Greene & Stone’s limo, was from this town. They managed Buffalo Springfield. It's a soulful and beautiful city. I do look forward to seeing it again.

Boston- (2 shows) One of my first solo shows was in the Wang Theater, then called the Music Hall. It’s a real beauty folks- a chapel of soul and music. I hope it still sounds as good as it did then and that I do too! I can’t wait to get there and find out. The audiences in Boston are unlike any other. Every city has its own feel. I am very lucky to be back there and hope to see you. My Dad came and watched me play there once. Memories are everywhere in Boston. That town has been good to me. See you there I hope!



Neil Young solo in concert! 6 shows only! As a NYA member, you can get tickets before they go on sale to the public. Get ‘ em while they last.

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The Crowd


bakersfield-onstage-970 I just want to say to the crowd, we see you. We feel you all there together with each other and with us. It’s a rush to be there. We know you are fellow travelers because we have seen you through the years. Seeing you, empowered to be where you want to be for our shows, we see ourselves.

Thank You.





Tonight is our last show in Bakersfield, and the end of this tour. It has been a blast for Crazy Horse! Music lovers out there in our audience are our real fans. They got their tickets right here at NYA because that’s where the good tickets are! NYA is happy to be the only ticket supplier in pre-sale offerings. It is amazing to soak up the vibe at these gigs.

The band feels great. We peak and crash regularly, as good unpredictable rock and roll has always done. This is like a breath of fresh air, a raw, unedited experience with music, and we don't know any other way to be. We hope to see you down the road somewhere, in a great old theater near your town or a cattle field out in the Mid-West.





Welcome to Bakersfield ladies and gentleman. We are in the beautiful FOX theater now. Come and see us if you can. We appreciate our International visitors very much. Use the back-roads and see California.




ohio 45 970


This day, 48 years ago, National Guardsmen gunned down unarmed students at Kent State University. 67 shots, 13 seconds, 8 wounded, 4 killed, 1 permanently paralyzed. Today the President of the United States spoke to the NRA and suggested arming teachers to make schools safe. The NRA was one of the biggest contributors to the president's campaign.

To the children and young people in school: We stand with you against gun violence. We recognize you and understand why you must march for your lives, why you stand up to the politicians the NRA buys with campaign contributions. Change is coming, and its coming from the youth who have suffered and who have seen enough!




IMG 4835 970

Crazy Horse thanks you for your soulful theater and hospitality to our music lovers from around the world.




beautiful theatre 970

A beautiful theater such as this is almost a thing of the past. Like the music played there and the pictures seen, it is a wonder how time could wipe it clean. But right now. But right now. But right now again. Stay with the time and linger the scene, but right now everything is the way it seems.

The Drifter NYA



IMG 7568 970

Thanks for coming to our first Crazy Horse show in a long time. Everyone on stage had a memorable night and we hope you did too.

Also, thanks for watching NYA's first Live Stream Movie Night. This was the beginning of NYA Movie Night, where Shakey Pictures will show movies, live streams and unseen videos that appear in a semi scheduled program of presentations. As always, you have to be engaged to know what is happening, so log on regularly. Subscribers will be notified in advance if they request it. We are looking for people who are looking for us.

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NYCH LiveSctream 970

May 1st, when the Horse takes the stage at the Warnors Theater in Fresno California, you can be there with NYA LIVESTREAM. Wander the theater and wonder at its beauty, then watch the Horse, out of the barn for the first time in years. Opening with no rehearsal and maybe a plan, the Horse will hear itself at the same time you do. All you need to do is be here at NYA May 1st. Fingers crossed.

Don’t Spook the Horse.




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NYCH Fresno, CA. 3rd show added! Pre-sale tickets available only to the NYA family.

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Hope to see you there!


UPDATE: This pre-sale has concluded. Click here to check ticket availability.



warnors marquee 970 Many happy music lovers got great seats to see NYCH by watching for NYA presale and buying their tickets early. We are very happy that our true fans are getting the best treatment possible. This is the place to get the first shot and cough up the bucks.





NYCH fresno 970 NYCH

Fresno. May 1 and 2. First time in a long time, Live on stage. No rehearsal.


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NYCH fresno 970

a different color….

The horse is out again! Galloping across California’s great San Joaquin Valley with Fresno as the destination…… NYCH Presale at NYA, Home of the Horse.




Texas outline970 Passing under the freeway, I rolled down the window for a breath of Austin air. Here I was in Texas’ beautiful Capitol city and cultural centre near Fredericksburg, a classic Texas town where I had spent the previous day. I loved the architecture there and saw many artist’s works everywhere. Outside of town on our way to Austin, D and I stopped to see an unbelievably great piece of architecture and art on hwy 290.

The road was beautiful, a Texas treasure. I love the rolling hills. Passing Luchenbach road, I thought of Waylon and Wille, ‘blue eyes cryin in the rain’, and ‘feelin no pain’. D and I had a nice ride into Austin where we hid outside town on the bus.

In the morning the alarm went off too early. I got some coffee for us and saw Miss D off to her interviews. I left an hour or so later for the interview hotel myself, where festival lovers paid big bucks for an average accommodation. The place was quiet when I arrived and went up to a holding room on the interview floor and waited there for huevos.

My managers Elliot and Frank were there to assist me in preparing for my day of talking to the press. Its something I try to do rarely, but I am looking forward to this today because it will give me a rare chance to review my interviews and cover the story for the Times-Contrarian.

This day at 10 am, brave independent students across the USA walked out of class to observe 17 minutes of daylight fo the dead students killed by a mentally ill person armed with an automatic assault weapon. They are no doubt aware that the president, who students from Florida visited recently, is in the pocket of NRA and assault weapon loving Americans and has vowed to do nothing to stop the carnage. He’s the irresponsible leader who got rid of the law preventing mentally ill patients from buying guns on one of his first days on the job. He’s the liar who was just kidding when he said he wanted to make the age of gun buyers 21, two years older than the mass murderer in Florida. That was good for a news story that day for the fake president who was a loser when people’s actual votes were counted, the half man-half chicken who needs to have three stories about himself going at once on the accommodating national press outlets to satisfy his massive ego. There they were, leaving the unsafe schools for a few minutes to remember their fallen classmates. I love these kids. They are the future. Thank you Young Americans, for knowing who you are and doing what you can do. You are the future. You will be voting soon. Respect.

The London Times is my first interview and it starts in 24 minutes. I think we will be discussing PARADOX, the movie Miss D directed and I am featured in, along with Promise of the Real and Willie Nelson, father of a couple of the band members Lukas and Micah, great musicians on their own. We are family. Our movie was fun to make and we made it to have a good time and tell a little story. No violence or hatred. Beauty and laughter. PARADOX is the ideal palate cleanser between two super hero movies. I love our friendly little movie! That’s what I told the London Times.

I am back in my holding room now. London Times was good. The guy was prepared and asked intelligent questions about the movie PARADOX and our methods for making it. He also asked about the archives and high res music movement. I like this paper, the London Times. They have always been prepared and asked intelligent questions. I hope the rest of the day goes as easily as this interview. We talked about the creative process for songs and movies, albums and books. Thoughtful. Kind. A good half hour.


Nothing at Press Time


The lady just came in to take our orders for lunch.

I liked the Chicago interview. The interviewer Greg Cott, is an old acquaintance and we have some good history together, The interview started on PARADOX and wandered to the archives, how I perceive a success or failure, how I like playing and working at projects now that I’m older than 20, lots of discussion about tech and music and the record companies. I told him what I tell everyone, that I think the record companies should lower the price of high resolution and help music to heal itself. They are the ones to blame for today’s quality vacuum in audio. It's the bean-counters at the record companies. They have priced good sounding audio out of the market. For what? The high prices have failed. No one buys music that costs three times as much as the same music. There is no excuse for it. It has to change. Make songs all the same price no matter what technology is employed. We talked about platforms and how they have forgotten the art. Platforms and the Tech Giants are losers the way they are treating the arts. Art is art. I am not content to be content. Hey Tech giants, make an algorithm that shows you how to respect art. I told Chicago Tribune about my new album PROFANE, an album of beautiful music that has only profanities as lyrics. Just kidding, sort of.

ChicagoT 970


Hannah, Nelson and a couple of his bandmates, Anthony LoGerfo and Tato Melgar, share a laugh. They’re gathered in a hotel suite overlooking the Colorado River, discussing what is essentially a modest art movie about a motley gang of outlaws hiding out in the Rocky Mountains, scavenging for a living in a setting saturated with broken tech toys (cellphones, laptops) buried by some unidentified apocalypse. Music and the clan of women who keep them at arm’s length are their sole salvation, their way of escaping their purgatory and their path to transcendence.

The movie’s themes serve as a metaphor of sorts for Young’s deepest beliefs, the principles that have guided him through a 50-year career mostly spent in one-guy-vs.-The-Man mode. And Young, though he has the movie, two albums and a massive digital archive to promote, is happy to embrace the role in a separate interview. Young is indeed the man in the black hat, gray hair spilling past his ears, and he breaks into a grin as a question is posed:

Can one guy make a dent in the way the tech-dominated power players (Spotify, Facebook, Apple, Google, YouTube, various multinational record labels) dominate the music world?

“Sure, because they’re stupid,” he says. “The tech giants are jerks, they’re all losers. They operate to give us ‘content’ that sounds like crap, they want to take away our privacy and they want to monopolize music. For them, art is not art, it’s content. It’s an algorithm.”

Young once could be reticent and vague in interviews, but those days are long gone. He has sold tens of millions of albums as a solo artist and as a member of Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, but he still carries a chip on his shoulder the size of a redwood.

“Tech companies miss the essence of life,” he says. “People have a right to change their minds, and they often do. But algorithms can only track your past and give you more of the same. It’s an insult to the human mind and the human soul, because it takes away a universe of possibilities.”

*Greg Kot,

Read more in the Tribune*


My manager Elliot is with me while I type this and says I have my flyin’ fingers going today! I love that guy.

We are on a roll. Yahoo just interviewed me and asked a lot of good questions about PARADOX. I told the lady interviewing me how Daryl bought all the wardrobe herself in thrift stores, how she shot a lot of the movie herself on the phone, how CK Vollick is a great cinematographer, and all about working with Promise of the Real, who are my friends and a great band. I relayed how Daryl wrote the script and how she is so committed and professional and loves movies and movie making. She is a real pleasure to work with and for, a great director.

We went on to the archives and sound quality, where I have a lot to say, most of which centers around lowering the price of High Res and making all music the same price, eliminating the stigma of over priced High resolution audio. Its all just music. Let the people decide. FREE the music from tech constraints brought on by old 20th century technology. Lets get real and dump the tech giants with their loser attitudes about the arts. Art is not content. It is art and should be treated like a special gift from the Gods. Respect. The interview concluded.



“[Neil] has such a natural communication with the artistic process that he doesn’t question it, ever,” Hannah adds. “He just was like, ‘Oh, yeah, right. We’re making a movie.’ It was very natural.”

We talked about many things with Yahoo but most of what they wrote about was superficial speculation, petty and ill-informed repetitive gossip. Miss D felt the Yahoo piece was disingenuous, and did not even reflect what she said or what she, Lukas, Anthony and Tato had discussed with the interviewer.

Note to management: There were lots of questions from Yahoo but they just ended up focusing on gossip. We should have left this interview off the schedule. This is the danger of trusting the press. Yahoo. Real yahoos. Real FAKE news.


After lunch which Miss D and I enjoyed with Promise of the Real and my managers Elliot and Frank was over, the interviews continued.

The folks from Reuters, a lovely lady and a man who were both professional journalists, were mostly interested in the Archives, so we talked about why I started it. They wanted to know what made me do it, create NYA. I said metadata was a scourge that the tech giants had perpetrated on the masses, depriving them of all the real information behind the music, the people, the places, the machines, the songs, the writers, the producers and engineers, the studios.That does not fit in 3 lines of meta data. That’s why we created info cards for every song. We want the people behind the art to be recognized.

Then there’s the music quality. Reuters wanted to know how we did what we did (make the best sounding streaming in the world and show how easy quality is to access.) They asked how we financed it. Warner Bros helped a lot, but it was not that expensive. They wanted to know about our subscription rates. I told them it would be about 20% of a normal streaming service but our free tier would still allow my 10 most popular albums to be accessed in High Resolution for free. The money part is something everyone was curious about and most people were curious about how we made the quality happen. I said its easy. Anyone could do it. Certainly is is easy from aa tech standpoint. It's really the high prices being charged by the labels that has killed high res, except at NYA. Warners is helping us.


Nothing by Press time.


The Daily Beast was very interesting. Questions about the film, an understanding of the film I had not considered before - a metaphor for women in society. The soundtrack album was interesting to discuss with Marlow, the man from ‘The Daily Beast’. The interview touched on my output- why so long and so much? I tried to answer but couldn’t really say except that I love art and creation. He asked if I was going to write a novel since I hadn’t done one yet and I told him about my new novel CANARY, which I am doing final edits on with my agent in New York. I told him a bit about the book and almost got carried away talking too much and the interview was over. We were out of time. I had another coffee. I hope the two coffees don’t make me too agro. I tend to get jacked and argue with too much java. Not yet today. Good thing.

Dailybeast 970


AUSTIN, Texas — For Dana Loesch, there are three certainties in life: death, guns, and hating Neil Young with the fire of a thousand suns.

The National Rifle Association spokesperson, who recently got her ass handed to her by a bunch of pissed-off teens on national television, has harbored a decades-long vendetta against the legendary singer-songwriter—one that rivals President Trump’s aversion to wind turbines in sheer vitriol. Loesch has tweeted negative things about Young at least 15 times over the course of a decade.

When I tell Young this, he cracks up. “The spokesperson? That woman? She doesn’t like me?” he says. “Well, she’s one of the gang over there. Although Trump likes my music. He’d come to all my shows.”

Young is at SXSW to promote Paradox, a trippy new film by his partner of four years, the actress and activist Daryl Hannah. In the film, hitting Netflix on March 23, Young plays “The Man in the Black Hat,” a mythical cowboy who embarks on a soul-searching quest. Young not only starred in the film, but also created an entire album’s worth of new songs for its soundtrack.

After reading one of her infamous “dying cow fart” tweets aloud to Young, he replies through laughter, “Why doesn’t she just shoot me?” before quickly correcting himself: “You know, I hate to say that because I have kids and I really don’t want anybody to shoot me. I’ve still got to bring up my kids, so don’t take that seriously!”

According to Loesch, her “first exposure” to the deadly virus that is Young’s music came while a student at Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri.

I had forgotten this exchange when I returned to the holding room and wrote what I remember of the interview. The exchange took maybe 30 seconds of the half hour interview, but it seems this is what the Daily Beast considered most important, It’s a risk you take when you trust the press.


Back in the holding pen (room) to write this and now on to another interview. Stick with me….

BILLBOARD was my next interview and it touched on the PARADOX soundtrack, the movie, and politics in general. He like the song SHOW ME and really talked about that as being a high point as for him and I felt good that someone knew the song and felt that i had recently done something that got to him. That was a good feeling. A lot of questions about the president. Will i make another LIVING WITH WAR? I seem to getting a bit burned out by now because the interviews are starting to run together and I can’t recall where they begin or end. But that could be temporary.



Neil Young and Daryl Hannah are not looking for Academy Award buzz or even critical kudos as they prepare their new, Netflix-bound film Paradox for its premiere Thursday at South by Southwest.

“It’s just fun,” Young told Billboard on Wednesday (March 14) at Austin’s Four Seasons Hotel. “We had talked about making a movie for awhile, just how fun it would be, and Daryl had some ideas. She’d always wanted to do a kind of Western-style thing. We shot the whole thing in three or four days with a bunch of our friends, and I knew the movie would be fun and something I could believe in.”

Hannah, who directed and wrote Paradox, called the movie “an accident. Everything was spontaneous and organic. It was going to be a short; I wrote about a 10-page script, and then everyone got into their character and it just kind of ballooned as it shot. We didn’t want to make it just a music video, so we decided to just kind of cobble it together, and it all fit. Obviously we just made it for fun and we kind of hope people will take it in that spirit. It’s a lighthearted kind of thing even though it does have some themes and messages we care about.”

The low-budget, single-camera “Paradox” is an impressionistic, fable-like tale that stars Young as the enigmatic Man In Black, accompanied by members of his current backing band Promise of the Real -- including Willie Nelson’s sons Lukas (Jail Time) and Micah (The Particle Kid) -- on a quest for physical treasure during the days and creative discoveries by night. Nelson also appears in the film, which begins streaming March 23 on Netflix alongside a limited theatrical release, with a soundtrack album by Young and Promise of the Real out the same day. Thursday’s premiere at the Paramount Theatre in Austin will be followed by a Q&A with Young, Hannah and other cast members.

It marks the first time Young has been directed in an acting role by anyone other than Bernard Shakey (aka Young himself, who’s listed as the film’s co-producer), but he said the adjustment was not difficult. “I have a lot of respect for Daryl; she knew what she wanted to do and she had good direction,” Young said, acknowledging that it was easy to relate to the muse-driven character he plays. “Y’know, she wrote it, she put it together, and I just followed the directions. I followed the dots and we had a great time.” Hannah, meanwhile, said Young made contributions in helping to run the set in the Colorado mountains, where the band was preparing for a short tour during the fall of 2016 before the Desert Trip festival.

“We did not have a crew and there was no [assistant director] or anything, so Neil was very helpful,” she noted. “He loves making movies, so it was really helpful to have him, but he totally refrained from backseat direction. I don’t believe Bernard ever made it onto the set. Everything had to be approved through Bernard, but he was very hands-off. He let everything happen.” Micah Nelson added that, “They’re a good team, and Neil trusts [Hannah] a lot. I think he enjoyed taking a back seat and just being an actor.”)

The soundtrack by all telling, was created much the same way, using unrehearsed, first takes of songs such as “Peace Trail” and “Show Me,” the orchestrated and acoustic versions of “Tumbleweed” that came from sessions for Young’s 2014 album Storytone and covers of The Turtles’ “Happy Together” and Leadbelly’s “How Long?” “We really didn’t set out to do anything,” Nelson said. “Even the campfire scene, we were making up verses on the spot. The script said ‘Campfire jam, sing-along song,’ so we set it up and whatever happened.” Hannah recalled that, “We hadn’t even finished setting up the microphones when they started to play some of the songs that were in the film. If we could capture it, we were lucky. Nothing was planned in terms of what songs there were going to be. It just sort of happened.”

Young says some of the material came from music he was working on with Promise of the Real after finishing 2017’s Peace Trail, including “a couple jams for instructional passages for different things, then I recorded a bunch of electric guitar and stuff to go with the scenes.” He likened the material to his score for Jim Jarmusch’s 1995 film Dead Man. “There’s a lot of ‘Dead Man’ in this film,” he said. “All of us like ‘Dead Man’.”

The Netflix alliance, meanwhile, is “outside the box for me,” Young acknowledges. “It’s something I’ve never done before and Daryl’s never done before. Usually we try to go out and present our stuff and go to the people who we know are going to love it and present it. It’s made for them, so we find ways to locate them and let 'em know it’s happening. This is not like that; this is like we’re on the world stage. Anything can happen. People who have no idea what to expect, they’ll probably shoot it down ‘cause it’s not made by Cecil D. Eastwood or something; it’s not the Best Western they were looking for. So the jury’s out. We’re still kind of coming to grips with what it is and working on this platform.

“But we just wanted to have fun. We just made this movie for fun. It’s already a hit, as far as we’re concerned.”


I am back in the holding area now, waiting for my next interview. It feels good. We have avoided posed pictures. Basically, I hate posing.

Next, I left the holding area and went into the interview with Rolling Stone, a magazine that started the same time I did with Buffalo Springfield. The interviewer was bright and knew his stuff…He loved the film PARADOX and had some beautiful things to say about it. I told him how much fun it was to make the film and how D and I enjoyed the whole thing. We talked about Willie and how he loved a scene we did outside a bank we had just robbed. It was refreshing to feel his energy and I think Rolling Stone is lucky to have him on board. We discussed Peace Trail, the album and the song. He talked about the flying spirits and the love shown in our film. He asked me about albums I had rediscovered on the archives and I told him ‘Broken Arrow, with the song, ‘This Town’, was one of my recent rediscoveries. I also love ‘BigTime’ and ‘Scattered’ from that record. I wrote it about David Briggs after he had just passed away. Briggs made many of my best records with me. He was my producer. The interview ended, seemingly passing quicker than the others, Not sure why. Good guy, the interviewer.

RS 970


When you plan to write an article about Neil Young, you don’t expect Neil Young to also write an article about you. "I'm writing a story of today for the Times Contrarian right now," he tells Rolling Stone, referring to the online newspaper he’s been updating on Neil Young Archives featuring unheard material going back to 1963.

Young is doing interviews all day, and has been darting to another room after each one to jot down his thoughts. "I write down my experience of the interview," he says. "The whole day, all the interviews, who we talked about, as much as I can remember. Of course it's getting to the end of the day, so I remember less and less. You can tell the flow of the day. It’s a journalistic exercise."

But if Young’s career has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. That goes for Paradox, the new film written and directed by his partner Daryl Hannah, which premieres Thursday night at South by Southwest and hits Netflix on March 23rd. Young stars as the "Man in the Black Hat," the leader of a band of outlaws that include his band, Promise of the Real, living off the land in a world where seeds have become the currency (Willie Nelson makes a cameo).

The story may be as out-there as Young's bizarre 1982 album Trans, with excellent musical sequences that include Young fingerpicking "Pocahontas" and a wild Promise of the Real version of Young’s overlooked 2016 cut "Peace Trail." Hannah says the film came together fast: before playing some shows in the Rockies in 2016, Young and Promise of the Real needed to spend a few days getting acclimated to the climate. "I knew they were gonna end up sitting around the campfire together playing songs and joking, but we didn't wanna make a documentary," she says. "They're an incredibly playful group of guys so we just decided it would be fun to make a little movie and use the road crew and the guys in the band. We didn't have any professional actors, no crew, no budget, and three days. Everything was unplanned it sort of just happened.”)

Read more in Rolling Stone


Noisey Vice….. Sensitive, intelligent, caring. Those are the words that come to mind after talking with the people from Noisey. They are tech youth, wondering what is happening. Can they feel what previous generations felt when listening to music? Can they trust the platforms? Can they grow with the tech or will they be stifled by it? How is art and music going to survive. I wanted them to know that a window for art and music can open on the platform but there is a long way to go in a short time. I liked these two people, alive and probing, thinking, intellectual, yet seemingly looking for more depth from their existence. These two were different from all the rest. I wish them and Noisey the best and hope that they find their way. I know they will. I wish I knew where they were going so I could tell them what I know. A lot of depth at Noisey.

noisey logo970


Nothing at Press time.

In light of the other internet News organizations, it will be interesting to read what Noisey Vice publishes and/or if it reflects the conversation we had.


Back in the holding area, I wanted a beer but waited until one more interview was done.

The "Austin American Statesman’ is the local paper here in Austin and the journalist had a list of questions which I answered the best I could. He seemed to have liked PARADOX, was curious about the music we had put into the film. We spoke about Willie, Lukas and Micah. We talked for a while.

It was a friendly interview.

Austin American Statesman logo970


“Paradox,” premiering at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Paramount Theater as part of the South by Southwest Film Festival, is described in the fest’s program guide as a “far-fetched, whimsical western tale of music and love.” Directed by Daryl Hannah, the film features Neil Young as well as Lukas and Micah Nelson, sons of Willie and fixtures in Promise of the Real, Young’s backing band of the past few years. Their music — a mix of newly-written songs, instrumental film-score material and excerpts of classics from Young’s past — is central to the tone and theme of the film.

Young isn’t performing at SXSW, but he’s here to help promote the film, and he granted a few interviews yesterday. We sat down with him for about 20 minutes Wednesday afternoon to discuss ‘Paradox,’ his impressive new Neil Young Archives website, his relationship with Lukas and Micah, and more.

American-Statesman/Austin360: How did you assemble the material for the film?

Neil Young: The instrumental passages we did were all written for this film. Three songs — “Peace Trail” and “Pocahontas” and the long instrumental of “Cowgirl” (1969’s “Cowgirl in the Sand”), those are old songs obviously, although “Peace Trail” is only a year old. “Diggin’ in the Dirt” we wrote that for this, Lukas and Micah and I. And of course Willie’s song “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground,” sung by Lukas, is maybe the highlight, a classic. It’s like these two guys (Lukas and Micah) are American treasures, both of them. They’re continuing on the work their dad has done so well for so many years. It’s a beautiful thing.

You must have known them since they were little kids. At one point did you realize, hey, these guys might be good for my band?

The first time I remember thinking that is, Willie and I were standing onstage at Farm Aid in Milwaukee, maybe eight years ago, something like that. Lukas was playing, and it was just the (Promise of the Real) trio, and it was amazing. It was just stunningly great. And I was just standing there with Willie and saying, “You must feel great about this, to see those guys out there.” It’s just always felt good to see them. Now I’m playing with them, and they’re fantastic. It’s like they know: They’re in the river, they know the flow. They inherently know, and they have no fear. All those guys in that band, nobody has any fear. They’re not concerned with anything more than music. They know nothing to be scared of; they’re not trying to prove anything.

Lukas has said that his priority is playing with you, but he’s getting really good on his own and had a big record last year. How do you balance the needs of your band with your desire to encourage his own work?

I want him to do everything that he wants to do. And as soon as I’m ready to go out and play a tour, I’m hopeful that they’ll be ready to go, too. Right now I haven’t got the new music that I need to go out and play a tour, a Neil Young tour. I need to have a bunch of new songs, because it gives me something to get my teeth into. And then the (older) songs will hang off of them. And they hang on for dear life, those songs. But I can’t do it without the new songsm so I have to wait for the new songs to come.

You’ve done music-and-film projects before. Was “Paradox” different?

It’s just a continuation of music. We made the music that we felt like making. We knew we had a couple of scenes that we should create some themes for, and so we did them. In one case, we borrowed heavily from one of my existing songs to make a new musical track, and make an instrumental out of one of my old melodies. Another couple of songs are jam songs where we just went with the flow; we didn’t think about it much. Everything was so much fun. I mean, the drumming on one of those —is insane. Tato (Melgar) and Anthony (LoGerfo) had all these drums, the’re all banging away in the studio, and we’re just going nuts. On another one, I took my harp and I said (to the band), “You play the melody to ‘Love and Only Love,’ and I’ll play my harp and feed back through my amp.” And everybody just keep playing, and we’ll just keep playing that for a long time. We had a great time; it was fun.

Your new streaming archives site comes with a 10-minute video that explains how it all works.. How many years have you been working on this?

Well, it started off with an old friend of mine named Larry Johnson who passed maybe five years ago. We started in 1990, building it, and we put out “Archives Volume 1” on Blu-Ray, because I wanted it to have high-res. I wanted the music to be everything it could be, and I didn’t wan’t to put out my history unless the music sounded good. I hate what the music sounds like today on the internet, and I don’t like what people have to listen to. It’s been dummied down for no reason. So I wanted to prove to the world that you could have great-sounding music on the computer, and you could connect it up to speakers and it’d be like God. And we’ve done that. It’s the best-sounding streaming site in the world. There’s no one else doing what we’re doing. So our technology is really earth-shattering in that respect. I’m very proud of that.

The archives has been an incredible journey for me. It’s nice to have an organized place to put everything I’ve done, so that people can find it and refer to it or whatever. … It’s like my whole life: If I like something and I do a good job on it, there’s always enough people who are going to like it so that I can keep on going and do something else. And that’s the way I look at the archives; it’s just a culmination of all of that. We worked on it for a long time to make it as great as it is. I’m particularly happy with the sound quality. There’s no magic to it, it’s just technology. It’s just using technology from this century instead of the last one.

How many people did it take to build it? Like a couple dozen?

Not that many. We’ve moved from place to place. We have a house in San Francisco, a tech house, that had done a lot of the development. But we’ve been on this for many years, developing the look and feel of it. It’s a big time machine for music, and for anything.

In the instructional video, you show some images of an old album cover and you remark about “when we had room for art” on album covers. But now you have infinite room online.

Yeah. And you can listen and move around, and look at different things while you’re listening. And the site is only improving. We’re still doing things to the site that make it more immersive. We also are missing about 75 percent of the content on the info cards that’s available. We have many more things to put in, and loading it takes time. That’s the hard part. So we’re a little slow on that right now, and I’m trying to get all that together. We’re getting some interns, and we’re getting a little office space, so we’ll be loading up all those info cards and stuff. It’s like every credit for every song. Everybody who worked on it: the engineers, the studio, the maintenance people, the musicians who were there, the people who dropped in to do things, the producer, the engineers. Everything’s there, plus the lyrics, the credits for the publishing — everything associated with the music is there.

The credits are really important; it’s good to have that because they’re disappearing on the web.

Yeah metadata is a joke. I mean, I don’t know who they thought they were fooling. You know, Silicon Valley is a bunch of crap.

Other artists reach a point int their lives when they donate their archives to libraries or historical collections. But you want to keep it in house. Why is that?

I want the people to keep it. I want everybody to have it. And when we start our subscription thing, we’re still going to have a lot of free music you can listen to. My top albums of the day, top ten streaming albums, will be available for free. Everything that you can do now, they’ll be able to do. It’s just that there’s another 40 or 50 albums, and all the information associated with them, all the videos associated with everything — the movies, the books, everything is there. And then for whatever it amounts to be — which, we figured out it’s going to be 20 percent of a normal subscription streaming — that’s what you’ll pay for this. Because it’s just me, it’s not all the artists in the world, so we don’t expect everybody to pay that. But if we can do that and get enough people — we want more people and less money. The smaller the amount that people pay, the more people are going to pay it. But we want something that’s really worth it, where they really feel like they’re getting a great deal. And people who can’t afford to do anything or just don’t know, we can still show them the difference between what great sound is and what they’ve got today, so they have a window into the possibilities to look at. That’s the mission.

If I’m listening through my laptop, it can only get so much better because of these crappy speakers. Is it still noticeably better?

Actually, much better. Oh yeah. And I realize computers are compromises. They can only play back CD quality at the best. They interpolate everything down and play back shit. They’re not playback devices. But it’s still, coming out of the little speakers in a Mac, the high-res noticeably sounds better. And we have a switch; you can listen to what you’ve got now, and you can, you spend a little time listening to a song that you like, and then listen to it the other way. Switch back and forth a few times; it’s like night and day. And as soon as you realize it, you go, “How the hell is Neil — how are they doing that? How come they can do it, and Spotify can’t do it?”

You were at SXSW in 2014 talking about your Pono high-quality music player. How has that gone?

Well, it ended up dying because streaming came in, and downloads are out. Ant that’s cool. I’m just talking about quality. And now I’m streaming quality, because I found the technology. We didn’t know where it was at that point. If I could have, I would have used streaming at that point and opened up a streaming service. But I knew my archives was really the way. The more I looked at it, I said, “You know, if I just do this for myself and make an example of it, it may be better than trying to sell people stuff.” Just let them have it; they can see it. The mission is for people to understand that music could be a lot better sounding, everywhere in the world, than it is right now. There’s no reason why it can’t be. Well, there is one reason: record companies. They charge too much for the high-res. They don’t make anything off of it because they’ve priced it out of existence, so nobody buys it. So if they made it all the same price, and the people had the choice of whether to have high-res or low-res, go ahead, make your choice. That’s all I’m asking for: Give people a choice.

Anything else on the horizon for you?

I’m writing a little bit. I’m writing a book; I’ve got a book coming out. It’s a novel. So I’ve written it, and it’s my first novel. I’m kind of excited about it.



The next morning D and I did a couple of phoners. They are harder to gauge because on the phone its hard to get a feel for some things. None the less, sometimes phoners are good and the stories that come out of them are valuable.

AP (Associated Press)
The man from AP had questions about the music in PARADOX. When he started he mentioned that he had seen the film twice. That’s all he said. There was no confirmation from him whether he liked it or ‘got’ it, or really anything. I answered his further questions about the music, how we decided what songs to include and some mention of the Archives, which he seemed to be asking me about without being overly prepared, relying on me to explain what it was. This kind of journalism is not my favorite. I like to have a discussion with some one knowledgeable about the subject, not be relegated to explaining ‘in my words’ what it was he had seen. I like a two way conversation. Later in the talk, he did ask about the floating people and why we did that? I explained that our music is meant to elevate the spirit and this was a visual take of that experience. He talked to D after me and I don’t yet know what happened there.

WP AP 970


By Scott Bauer | AP March 15 at 3:43 PM

At 72, Neil Young feels a sense of urgency.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member has a new, and joyfully perplexing, pseudo-Western film “Paradox” written and directed by actress and girlfriend Daryl Hannah coming out on Netflix next week. He’s releasing a movie soundtrack on the same day. And next month, he’s digging into his vast archives to put out “Roxy - Tonight’s the Night Live,” a collection of songs played live from the opening week of the famed Los Angeles club in 1973.

And if that’s not enough, Young continues to move ahead with his vision to make his online musical archives the definitive repository of everything — previously released or otherwise — that he’s ever recorded.

“I like to get it out there so I’m alive to see how people like it,” Young said in a telephone interview Thursday from Austin, Texas, where he is attending the South by Southwest music festival. “What the (expletive)? Why not?”

Young unveiled his new archival website in December, making all of his officially released recordings available to stream in the highest audio quality possible — a passion of his — for free.

In what has been a tantalizing tease for devoted Young fans, there were also inaccessible links to unreleased albums like “Homegrown” from 1974, “Chrome Dreams” from 1976 and “Toast” from 2001 along with various live recordings from throughout his 55-year career.

Young said he has 12 to 14 unreleased records he made between the late 1960s and 2012 that he wants to get out soon. The 1973 Roxy concert highlights is next in April and he said two more vault releases are planned for later this year.

“When I made these records, I made them so fast that I couldn’t put them all out,” he said. “I finished one and I’d go on to the next one. That’s just the way it was at that time. I was very productive and going through a lot. I put out what I was most interested in at the time.”

Young remains productive, with “Paradox” and its soundtrack coming out next week.

“Paradox” features Young as “The Man in the Black Hat,” Willie Nelson as “Red” and his sons Lukas and Micah Nelson — members of the band Promise of the Real — as “Jailtime” and the “Particle Kid.” It was premiering Thursday night at the South by Southwest Festival and will have a limited theatrical release in addition to being available on Netflix on March 23.

Billed as a “fantasy, a loud poem and a free-spirited tale of music and love,” the film begins sometime in the “future-past” with Willie Nelson proclaiming that “time is fluid.” It follows Young and a band of outlaws in the mountains as they scavenge for treasure that includes computer keyboards, cameras and cellphones.

It was filmed in Colorado while Young and his band were getting used to the 10,000-foot altitude before performing at the Desert Trip festival in 2016.

In the film, Young’s band plays his song “Peace Trail” as listeners float in the air. In another scene, Young strums a ukulele as Hannah floats behind him, tied to Young’s waist by a rope.

“When you’re in the music, sometimes you float away in your mind,” Young said. “It’s just another representation of the effect of art and music on people.”

Hannah, who wrote the film and is making her directorial debut, said it was all very spontaneous and not meant to be taken too seriously. Hannah described it as a “homespun project” and said she was surprised when Netflix expressed interest.

“It’s not really their sort of thing,” she said, adding that Netflix typically goes for more polished productions and not “spitball movies people make for themselves.”

“That’s my biggest concern that people will be expecting a normal movie or a rock and roll documentary and they’ll be like, ‘What the heck?’” Hannah said. “I hope that they take it in the lighthearted spirit it was intended and turn it up so they can hear the music.”

Young said he didn’t know what people would think of “Paradox,” but he stands by it.

“It’s a little surreal but it’s playful and loving, no violence, no hatred,” Young said. “It’s a great palate cleanser (between Super Hero Movies).”


D came out to the bus from her Huffington Post interview. It was my turn to do the Huffington Post next.

The lady from Huffington Post was very nice and she loved the movie. By what she said I could tell she ‘got’ it; she enjoyed it and it made her feel good. I told her we had a lot of fun making our little movie, explaining how D had gone out an bought all the wardrobe in thrift stores, how we were our own crew. She had a lot of good questions about the film, which I did my best to answer. She said her dad was a guitar player and had been a music lover for a long time, enjoying my records. I love families who have lived with music as I have in my own life. This was a very positive and enjoyable phone call.

Huffington Post970


Neil Young Fires Back At No. 1 Hater: NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch Young joked, "Why doesn’t she just shoot me?”

By David Moye

Apparently there’s one thing that National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch hates almost as much as sensible gun laws: Neil Young’s singing voice.

Loesch has tweeted at least 15 negative comments about the rock legend over the past decade, according to the Daily Beast, including referring to his voice as “a dying cow fart” at least three times.

Young was apparently unaware that he’s been targeted by Loesch until the Daily Beast called it to his attention. He was amused. Very amused.

“The spokesperson? That woman? She doesn’t like me?” he asked. “Well, she’s one of the gang over there. Although Trump likes my music. He’d come to all my shows.”

After a pause, he said, “Well, I’m glad I got under her skin.”

As for the comparison that Young’s singing voice sounds like bovine flatulence, he wondered, “Why doesn’t she just shoot me?”

He then thought better of his glib response.

“You know, I hate to say that, because I have kids and I really don’t want anybody to shoot me. I’ve still got to bring up my kids, so don’t take that seriously!”

Although Loesch has gone as far to suggest that if she ever won the Powerball, she would pay Young, Nickelback and Bush to stop playing, the Canadian-born Young says she’s entitled to her opinion.

“That’s the way it goes! That’s what happens,” he said. “You’re out there in the world and people can say whatever they want. It’s freedom. I appreciate that, and I think she should exercise it as much as she can.”

It appears here that the Huffington Post decided to go ahead with something they felt was more clickable, so they re-ran the Daily Beast story. ‘Neil Young Fires Back At No.1 Hater’. Even the title is misleading. I did not even know about that person or her tastes, until the Daily Beast reporter baited me with something I had never heard of. It was the last thing on my mind to ‘fire back’.

You may notice, reading the above, that sometimes the articles that journalists write, or what gets published after the interview, has nothing at all to do with the subject of the interview that we did. Instead the publishers tend to print what is click-bait worthy. It does seem to serve their purpose, as Daily Beast’s article quickly spread around the web. That is not the reason I sat with them though, and I have a good memory.

It is always a let down when you feel like you have been taken advantage of. Luckily for us it only happened a few times in a couple of days. After this experience, it does seem obvious to me that internet based outlets indulge more in FAKE news, and the old established press outlets invest in journalists who do their homework, research and tend to be much more truthful and focused on delivering the real story of an interview.

Wrapping up, I want to say that the false, irresponsible, hurtful, untruthful, incompletely researched lies coming out of the internet news outlets will mark my last time speaking with any of those organizations. The articles put forth by Yahoo in particular are not based in fact. I don’t know how that interviewer can sleep at night. It is out of respect for the parties involved that I don’t respond with the truth, based on facts. Doing so would only be hurtful to people involved.



We are very thankful to those publications truly reporting on the interviews we shared with them.




OTB 970 Gary Burden, always the most handsome man in the room, with sparkling blue eyes, has passed away at 84 years.

My friend for life, Gary was my art director, creating album covers with me for almost 50 years, beginning with ‘After the Gold Rush’ and ending with ‘Paradox’ and ‘ROXY’, my next two albums. I still have some covers for unreleased albums that we made together. They are coming. We probably made 40 covers. I lost count. In the last twenty, thirty or so years, Gary has worked alongside his talented and beautiful wife, Jenice, at R. Twerk & Co, as we have continued on a life-time of making album covers, laughing, loving acoustic music and so many other things. My heart is heavy.

“That’s funny man!” was something I must have heard him say a million times. I hope that feeling stays with me forever!

A passage about Gary from ‘Waging Heavy Peace’ follows:

One of my favorite Album covers is “On the Beach”. Of course, that was the name of a movie and I stole that for my record, but that doesn’t matter. The idea for that cover came like a bolt from the blue. Gary Burden and I traveled around getting all the pieces to put it together. We went to a junkyard in Santa Anna to get the tailfin and rear fender from a 1959 Cadillac, complete with tail lights. We watched them extract it from the car with a blowtorch for us, and we threw it in a truck. After that, we went to a patio supply place to get the umbrella and table. We picked up the bad polyester yellow jacket and white pants at a sleazy men’s shop, where we watched a shoplifter getting caught red handed and busted. Gary and I were stoned on some dynamite weed and stood dumbfounded watching the bust unfold. This girl was screaming and kicking!

Next, we grabbed a local LA paper to use as a prop. It had this amazing headline. “SENATOR BUCKLEY CALLS ON NIXON TO RESIGN”. Finally, we took the palm tree I had taken around the world on the ‘Tonight’s the Night’ tour and placed all of these pieces carefully in the sand at Santa Monica Beach.

I stood there in the yellow jacket and white pants; Then we shot it.

Bob Seidemann was the photographer; the same one who took the famous Blind Faith cover shot of the naked young girl holding an airplane.

We used the crazy pattern from the umbrella insides for the inside of the album sleeve that held the vinyl recording. That was the creative process at work. We lived for that, Gary and I, and we still do. When I called Gary to get the photographer’s name he said, “I’m really glad you like that cover because it was such a fucking winner man!” We laughed about the crazy, wild and screaming shoplifter girl in the Men’s store, remembering that moment. That’s what life is all about.

Gary Mem

I have so many memories of Gary and I doing these album covers. He was a great man and a true artist. Rest in Peace my old friend.





Here's a song that says how I feel. Missing you today Gary.

D and I love you.





Thursday, March 15 at 7 PM, the Paramount Theater will screen Paradox at SXSW. We will be there. Hope you will be there too! We are very happy with our little film and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. Promise of the Real, Daryl and I all invite you to attend. We will have more news about the film, including more play dates very soon!




(nerd alert)


Browsing your way through the NYA file cabinet you might hear the semi metallic clunking sound of your file tray rolling on its bearings as you zoom through the years!

The sound is actually a sample derived from one of the greatest and most musical technologies ever invented; the Ayre Acoustics volume control knob.

There is some very interesting thinking and technology behind Ayre’s unique volume control, which never seems to lose the depth of the music, even as you turn the volume way down.

The reason Ayre Acoustics uses these switches is this: With the mechanical switch, there’s an extremely short signal path that routes through a very high-quality resistor that determines what the volume should be. As the contacts are silver and the “wipers” are all metal, it’s as close to having a solid trace as possible and avoids the quality drawbacks found with other solutions.

While there are a number of these other solutions to control the volume in a preamplifier, almost every one of them makes some kind of compromise that severely impacts the audio quality. Some use relays to route the signal through different resistors, but the nature of relays compromises the audio sound. Some others use potentiometers, but they’re generally found to degrade the audio quality as the signal has to travel through a graphite or carbon polymer layer in that application.

The clunking sound itself originates from the motor that is attached to each channel. When the knob is turned, a signal is sent to the logic that then tells these motors to turn. The motors are connected by belts to big open frame switches.

The Ayre volume knob is the brainchild of Charlie Hansen, Ayre’s founding audio genius who passed away in 2017. We love you Charlie. You live on at NYA!

Neil Young, NYA Times.

The editor thanks Ryan P. Berry of Ayre Acoustics for his contributions.



Paradox Poster “Perhaps the most SXSW-sounding project in history: An experimental western directed by Daryl Hannah, with a cast that includes Neil Young and Willie Nelson. Titled “PARADOX,” the movie is described as “a loud Poem” and “a whimsical western tale of music and love.” Expect something off the beaten path.” - INDIE WIRE

A new Shakey Pictures film - PARADOX. A corresponding film soundtrack album will be released. More specific news on this as release information becomes available to us….. NYA



Xstream by NYA “stunning”- Rolling Stone

Technology milestone - Xstream by NYA, the first hi-res music streaming in the US proves that hi-res music streaming can be done with today’s technology. People can hear the difference at NYA and are writing about it.

We are very grateful to Rolling Stone for pointing out the “stunning sound quality” of Xstream by NYA in their recent coverage. When was the last time you heard anyone, much less a leading music journal for 50 years, describe the sound of a streaming service as “stunning”? Never. Streaming services today have the worst audio quality ever offered by the music industry.

It is possible for everyone in the world to hear the difference in Xstream by NYA and it is possible to change the face of the music industry. It is possible for all streaming services to have an Xstream like tier. We have proved that.

Today’s lack of depth in audio is slowly starving and smothering the enjoyment of all the music ever made.

I was there when all music was distributed at the same great audio quality, when vinyl was King. We all heard that sound together. Everyone. It was the norm and it was amazing!

Today, the sound is gone. It has been killed by the labels and Tech giant monopoly that distributes our music. They have sweet deals with one another that enhance their profits while cutting the artist royalty to shreds, and the deals allow the tech giant to lower the bar and sell our music with less than 5% of the quality that was originally it.

Young Artists - The greed of tech giants and record labels has stifled the ability of young artists to create the next generation of great music. Historically, young artists regenerate the music, turning it over every generation as it evolves. That’s how music grows. Standing on the shoulders of the greats that have come before them, now the young artists have only meager income from music and their tools to bring great sounding audio to the people have been taken away. They no longer have the ability to distribute their new music the way it is made in the studio like their heroes did. In a world like that, how can great music regenerate?

High-Res is what we all heard and felt when I started my career in music. I live and die for High-Res. I don’t like to listen any other way. That’s why we made Xstream by NYA. I can’t imagine how a young artist must feel; knowing listeners will never hear what was recorded in the studio.

NY in the studio, 1969 650 wide

NY in the studio, 1969

Hardware - Today the great audio companies who make whole systems for high resolution audio have no music available at a consumer price level to demonstrate the quality. As a result, there are fewer and fewer companies manufacturing equipment that can handle excellent audio and music.

At the same time, the high-resolution audio systems available easily reveal the inadequacies of iTunes’ mp3 compromised files. Played loudly, the iTunes files hurt one’s ears, where a top-quality file can fill the room with the depth and warmth of beautiful sounding music, not pain.

High Resolution music at an equal price would re-invigorate the audio hardware industry to create technology that would allow all the people a fair chance to hear and feel all the music, streaming it into their phones, homes and cars.

Pricing - The record company’s deals with the Tech Giants are directly responsible for the death of quality listening in the mainstream. They offer no alternative. Today’s artificially inflated high-res music prices have killed high resolution as a possible mainstream music experience.

It would be easy for cell phones to play great sounding high res. Some already do, the HTC 10 and the new LG V30, but the high price charged by record companies kills high res streaming as a viable business. The tech giants and record labels continue to only offer their shabby substitute to the mainstream.

Free the Music - It is my position that all songs should cost the same, regardless of the technology. The files don’t cost more to duplicate. The artificial high price is a blatant money grab. Let the people decide what quality they want to hear. Some will say high. Some will say low. Free the Music.

I do know some people cannot hear the difference in sound quality. Some people are color blind too, but that’s no reason to compromise color. If only cellphones had done for audio as they did for cameras, the world would be enjoying the true beauty of great music today. It still can and if I have anything to say about it, it will happen.

Again, thank you Rolling Stone for describing Xstream by NYA as having “stunning sound quality.” We are grateful for your helping hand. For us, it is a labor of love. It’s for all music, for all time.




Last week was a big one at NYA. You probably couldn’t tell what was going on, unless you are watching very closely, so let me fill you in. The NYA project is fascinating in many ways, but mostly for me, it’s about getting ready for our year. We are preparing the NYA Times-Contrarian, a newspaper to keep you up to date on what’s been happening at NYA and the world of music. Articles like this one will be published regularly by the paper. It’s a big job and we have been busy designing and building the Times-Contrarian. There are four of us actively involved. We will have guest columnists and I will be contributing regularly.

Our archivist works around the clock sorting out the offerings we will be bringing you in the coming weeks months and years. We do have that much unheard music and unseen films and videos in our vaults. Ben Johnson and John Hausmann are digging through the Shakey Pictures Archive as I write this. NYA will be featuring entire concerts that have never been seen.

Our music producer, John Hanlon has been on the case with me as we prepare our premiere releases of previously unheard music. The album we are working on now, recorded in 1973, should be ready in time for a March release. There are some hint on the site now. You will be hearing a track from that one soon, presented for you on Xstream by NYA, the world’s best sounding streaming service, the only one in the world that is capable of delivering full high resolution music directly to you. At NYA, we are serious about the sound. Just pick your favorite song and listen to it.

Check out these comments, a very small sampling from the hundreds we are collecting:

Thanks again for this, Neil. High quality headphones through an audio interface really kick the sounds directly into my brain.

Archives is so very cool and I very much appreciate all the work that went into putting this awesome gem together. Thank you!!

Thank you Neil. Love the site and the sound.

I'm discovering neil young. What a musician

Yes!!! This is a win! Love it😍

NYA is stunning...A magnificent gift, I'm spellbound. Thank you.

Movie Night is coming to NYA! Once every week we will be streaming a film or long form video from the Shakey Pictures Archive. We will be announcing that soon! Watch for the announcement. It should be fun for everyone who wants to see all of the wacky movies we have made over the years, including HomeTown, the solo show I did in Omemee Ontario very recently.

On the business front, we have had to spend a lot of time in the office. Yes, we have an office. We are building our subscription service and deciding what it will be. We plan on a couple of levels of subscription with many exclusive features for the top level. We don’t want to lose our listeners so we are making it very low priced and attractive, with all kinds of perks, from premiere listens to first shot at buying tickets to shows before they are commercially announced.

Tour plans are forming now for the latter part of 2018.

I have been writing and waking up with new music in my head and I plan to continue that for as long as it keeps happening. I know I have been blessed with being part of so much music in my life.

Thanks for being here at NYA. I really appreciate it very much. We are growing and feeling good about what we have accomplished so far. Our plans for the future are extremely exciting. Music is a great healer. In times of trouble and concern, we have our music. NY


photo by dan harper

ALCHEMY is Crazy Horse Live through Europe, Australia and Canada. The third in the Crazy Horse Rust Trilogy, ALCHEMY is the last recorded album by Crazy Horse: Ralph Molina, Billy Talbot, Poncho Sampedro and myself, to this date. Truly spoken, there are four live Crazy Horse recordings, one done in rehearsal for the other three Rust Live shows. ‘A Rusted out Garage,’ where one of the rehearsals happened, is confusing in a trilogy. If you count ODEON-BUDOKAN as a Crazy Horse live album, the earliest, pre-dating LIVE RUST, then that is further confusing. But the Crazy Horse Rust Trilogy does sound cool.

ALCHEMY is a new Crazy Horse album. Recorded in high resolution audio and video during 2012-13, Crazy Horse performs Walk Like a Giant, Dangerbird, Mr. Soul and Fuckin’Up among others like Surfer Joe, Ramada Inn and Red Sun. Unreleased and rare songs from the period are included as well. All the songs were picked right after and during the tour. These are the ones we like. All that we are doing now is post production and mastering. We made this record and did not put it out until now. No one heard it back then but us.

Music and natural phenomenon come together in a big way for Like a Hurricane, recorded during a raging thunderstorm at the Paleo Festival in Nyon, Switzerland. The full length live video of that performance is a gem for Crazy Horse lovers. Some may have seen parts of this performance, captured by the crowd during the torrential wind-blown downpour and featured on You Tube. NYA has the whole multi camera capture of this unreal experience and will preview it at the premiere of NYA’s Movie Night.

Crazy Horse is looking forward to this release. The wait is almost over. For me, ALCHEMY harkens back to the best of LIVE RUST and WELD, beginning to look like a circle... but not totally joined. Time shows us what we can do and when we can do it. Crazy Horse moves with the wind. Of course, ALCHEMY is a little like Spinal Tap as well... Crazy Horse’s big amps are still there, now tattered and worn, but listen to them now...

This is going to be a great experience for Crazy Horse fans everywhere! Watch for the cover to start taking shape on the timeline at NYA. When the cover is done, the release is imminent.

I hope you love it!




Visit the Timeline. Keep an eye on this.

Roxy Live Stage 2- For News

Taking Care of the Music


Thanks for following NYA. I am very happy to be doing this; taking care of the music I have made with my friends over the last 5 or 6 decades. I really hope you enjoy this archive as much as I do. I still wake up with new songs running through my head and wonder at the world we live in. It is such a beautiful place to help take care of. I am so thankful for the friends I have! Lots of love to you all and my Best Wishes for a Happy Healthy New Year! NY

thanks from nya!

by Neil Young

NYA is up and running and it feels wonderful getting your positive response! Thanks for all of the comments, and while we may not be able to get back to each and every one of you, we are reading all your letters with great interest. This has been a labor of love for all of us. In the meantime, it's free! Enjoy NY

welcome to my archive


Welcome to my archive. We hope you enjoy your stay here, browsing through more than 50 years of music and movies. It has been my pleasure to write and perform these songs and make these films for you. They are all here. Many of them are found in versions you probably have never heard or seen.

This archive is assembled chronologically. It has a timeline with all of the records in order and a corresponding file cabinet full of the relevant information for every recording found on the timeline. This includes production and engineering credits, musician credits, publishing credits, press reviews, film and video, historic live performances, photos, and memorabilia.

There are about ten unreleased albums and a few unreleased films in this archive. These are projects I did not release at the time for one reason or another, and many of the songs subsequently appeared on other albums as the years flew past. Sometimes unreleased albums are just ‘sketched’ in on the timeline, with rough pencil drawings of the art. These drawings will evolve into full color covers as time goes by and the albums are released. That way you can see things coming. This archive is designed to be a living document, constantly evolving and including every new recording and film as it is made. It is not yet complete as we are still adding a lot of detail to the older recordings. The timeline also illustrates all of our tours and recording sessions.

In the music creation process, I have sometimes assembled an album and not released it for a variety of reasons. At Reprise Records, I have had a great working relationship with the company since 1969 and we play back every new album together, talking about how to release it and how it should be introduced. My manager, Elliot Roberts, always supported my art and made sure we got to do what we needed. We really wanted everyone to be behind what I was about to release, so these album playback meetings were very important. There we would decide some of the singles to be released and how the marketing of a work should be approached. Each project has been a labor of love.

Of course, listening to the music is the most important aspect of this experience, and we wanted it to be the best experience possible. ‘Play’ buttons on each file card allow you to listen to the selected recording.

Xstream by NYA is the chosen playback method at NYA because streaming music is immediate and gives you the most connected experience as you browse. Most importantly, Xstream by NYA allows you to hear all the music your bandwidth will allow, all the way up to a Full Resolution experience. All of the music here is in its highest audio quality; original pre-digital analog albums were transferred to the highest digital resolution. More recent recordings are found here in their native resolution, so your listening experience is the best it can be.

It would be impossible for you to get better quality sound anywhere else. If you have the bandwidth, Full Resolution is attained with no compression, unlike any other streaming service to date. Full resolution is attained when your bandwidth is high enough to play back all the quality of each individual recording. That is as good as it gets.

The rest is up to you-what you are listening on, and what you plug into. The music audio quality is always potentially great, depending on your own location and equipment. That said, the sound found here will always be the best it can be, reaching the true potential of any playback equipment you listen through.

Check out the living playback chart to see how Xstream by NYA playback works. Compare it to other streaming services. Xstream by NYA is unique. Listen and watch. Enjoy!


a few things before you get started


The NYA Experience

Please watch my Welcome Message located on the outside of the file cabinet for a personal tour of the site.

There are three distinct ways to explore my music on this site. Each... has its advantages.

  1. You can view all songs organized chronologically in the file cabinet, giving you a list view of everything I have released—you will find some unreleased things in here, too...
  2. To go a little deeper, you can view all recordings as an info card, sliding chronologically in either direction left to right, to listen and view detailed information about the recording of every song.
  3. Lastly, the most comprehensive view is the timeline. Here you can view all of my albums on a chronological timeline, with touring information; relevant events in our lives, and my books, videos and films. The NYA timeline will also include galleries and videos-any content that might lie outside the scope of an album, film, video or particular recording.

My best advice is to simply explore the NYA on your own and find your own way through, much as you would in a physical archival library. But if you need some help, please watch my Welcome Message located on the outside of the file cabinet including a personal tour by me, or refer to the FAQ where you should find answers to many of your questions.

Also, continually check in at the NYA Times-Contrarian. This is where I will keep in touch with you.

Now, please go and explore the world’s first musician’s online archives ever!. I love listening to music this way. I can really hear it! There is no other way to hear and explore music in this audio quality anywhere in the world.

We developed the Neil Young Archives site to provide fans and music historians with unprecedented access to all of my music and to my entire archives in one convenient location. My team and I have spent years developing this site to make it both enjoyable and easy to use. The site allows me to share with the world the material I’ve spent a lifetime creating and collecting. I hope you enjoy it.

When you find a mistake, and if you look you probably will, please tell the archivist by sending a note on the contact page. NYA is a living document.

I would like to thank the many people who worked to bring NYA to fruition. (Credits are linked on the front of the file cabinet.)


Listening to music has been one of the great joys of my life.

That said, today all music suffers from low quality audio throughout the distribution chain. It starts with big tech companies like Apple. Apple Music controls the audio quality that is served to the masses and chooses to not make high quality available, reducing audio quality to between 5% and 20% of the master I made in the studio in all cases. So, the people hear 5% to 20% of what I created.

Not just new music— All music.

Apple not offering a top-quality tier has led labels to stop making quality products available to the masses. Stimulating a top-quality tier would restore and bring the great classic recordings of all music history to Full Resolution digital like you find at NYA.

Apple was built on music. There is a great opportunity to rescue the art form that helped Apple become great.

Top quality digital music sounds amazing. Today there is no convenient way for people to purchase and to enjoy the history of recorded sound and the magical recordings of the last century at their finest. As a result, top quality is now only available to elite, high-paying customers and there is a very limited amount of music titles to buy and equipment to use.

Given this opportunity music could support itself.

This is ironic because Apple’s new connector allows a recording’s raw data to be accessed directly from the iphone into a music playback device. This is a real breakthrough, finally allowing listeners the possibility of amazing digital audio. __Now the cellphone can deliver. __

This exciting new Apple iPhone capability can be utilized with top quality audio downloads. The ability for a consumer to get the most out of the pure music data and not be limited by a legacy cellphone’s compressed audio quality is truly a breakthrough for digital music. The only problem is: top-quality audio recordings are not offered on Apple iTunes.

Why not allow the world to hear exactly what the artists have created? Artists created this music for the people.

The technology exists for everyone to have the choice of top-quality audio. Let the people decide. It would be easy for music lovers to make a choice if top quality was offered by iTunes, rendering it obvious how good it sounds.

With control of an art form’s commerce comes some responsibility. Apple, while controlling the flow of music to the masses, has failed to be responsible.

That’s why it’s so important to me that my music be enjoyed here on this site at the highest possible digital quality, as close as possible to the way I recorded it. To accomplish this, all of my musical audio content at NYA is provided using Xstream by NYA adaptive audio technology streaming in Full Resolution.

In good conditions: Powerful computer, high bandwidth.

You can enjoy the absolute highest digital audio quality music listening. There is no better sounding digital than through Xstream by NYA. Your player window will be filled with green and a FULL RESOLUTION message will appear. This is a good opportunity to switch to 320 and listen for a bit, then go back to Master. That will show the difference.

In medium conditions: Powerful to mid-range computer, unsteady bandwidth.

Even if your music cannot be Full Resolution all the time because of your location conditions, you always get the best quality audio available at your location. You get everything that is in the air. All the time. That is what Xstream by NYA adaptive audio is all about. Xstream by NYA adaptive audio adjusts the music resolution in real time based on the conditions where you are listening. Your player window will be partially filled with green, rising and falling with the quality of your playback, and a FULL RESOLUTION message will possibly appear occasionally. That is the real world of bandwidth when you are on the edge.

In poor conditions: mid-range computer, low or erratic bandwidth

Sometimes, because the bandwidth is so low and/or your computer may not have the computing power to give you Full Resolution, your Xstream by NYA music may skip and buffer. Your player window will show very little green and be erratic.

In those conditions, to provide a reliable listening experience, we offer a toggle at the top of the window to switch between Xstream by NYA Full Resolution Master down to 320 kbps low resolution. res switch

320 kbps is a recognized standard today, providing the same or better audio than most commercial streaming services. It is almost always consistent. Your player window will show very little green at the bottom if the original master is high resolution, and the green will fill half the window if the original master is CD quality.

Player Example 2

Green represents the percentage of the Master you are currently hearing.

To get the best performance and learn more about this technology, including commercially available equipment to add Xstream by NYA to your home stereo or headphones, we encourage you to read through the Audio Setup page, located in the global menu in the upper left corner.

Please remember that currently NYA sounds best from a computer. We will let you know when that advances. Our Audio section will be a BIG HELP there. NYA is also available on tablets. To accommodate the streaming abilities of the hardware, audio is set at a standard streaming 320. You can experiment and switch to Master from 320 on the toggle switch.